Friday, March 20, 2015


Bex has been doing crochet for about 2 years now, and in that time she's made quite a few little items, mostly toys, beanies, cocoons etc.
Yesterday she finished her first clothing item:

ABOVE:  A gorgeous little matinee jacket for baby boy due in 6 weeks!  
6 WEEKS!  It's getting so exciting, there is NOTHING like a newborn to lift your spirits and make you smile more.

Even better, I'm just the Grandma, I don't have to do any of the sleepless nights/sore back/cracked nipples stuff!
Sorry if that was too much info!

Today?  Well... Bex and Dante go to Playcentre, and I'm going to Patchwork class.
I'm just going to do a couple of mug rugs today.  I've not started the baby cot bumper yet.  Slack I know, but something always seems to crop up and stop me making a start on it.

But, now that the house is all ship shape again, I am sure I can settle down and get right back into my sewing again.

So, until later.... 


Today I'm fasting.  Gunna give the 5:2 diet a go.  5 days you eat normally, 2 days you semi fast.

When I got home from patchwork class, I was just in time to kiss Dante goodbye as they left for Hamilton.
They are off for a couple of days, visiting friends.  Steve is joining them after work today.
So, it's just Stew, B & G and me for the weekend.

Class was lovely today.   One of the ladies was making a Japanese inspired wall hanging, and she had to make 11 little kimono's ... so several of us girls learnt how to make them too.

ABOVE:  See... so small ... but cute.  I made two while I was there.  I have no idea if I will even want to do a Japanese inspired ANYTHING... but at least I know how to make them.  *smiles*

Next Friday is our last day in class, the shop is being closed down after Easter.
The tutor is trying to find a venue so we can still keep our group together.  I hope she can, I was starting to really feel like 'one of the girls'... and would miss them if it doesn't start up again.

I got a few pieces of fabric from the sales table today, and a couple of ends of roll too.  There's going to be more bargains after Easter... can't wait!

 ABOVE:  Christmas fabrics... no time like the present to start on Christmas projects!

ABOVE:  all the shell/fish fabrics were end of the roll pieces... and I love them, particularly the one on the right.

The kids are home early today... kill me now.  I am so over kids at the moment, particularly shitty teenagers.  Even Griffin is getting hormonal and anal... I hope his balls drop fast and he gets over himself.

End of Day:  a lovely evening, spent in front of the telly and doing a jig saw on me computer.
nite nite


  1. Wow very talented. ...awesome Bex.

  2. Good luck with the 5:2 diet :) Bex, you are so clever with your crochet!! Well done, I also love to crochet - must get back into it.

  3. Bex is so clever, love that wee jacket. $ 10 says by mid afternoon this fasting novelty will have you eyeing up the dogs as a possible snack :-). Good luck.

  4. How exciting for you all. have today off work and haven't been on here for such a long time.... need to make a coffee and see what you have been up too!
    Tracy xx

  5. Could you hold the classes at your place?

    1. I don't have the room Tracy, there's at least 6 of us... and my garage is COLD in winter.

  6. Hee Hee - The kids. I feel the same way. My friends have a knitting meeting at a local coffee shop. MAybe you guys aren't that "portable" though. If you can make tiny projects it might work.

  7. Bex - goood job on the wee sweater!

  8. Bex is so clever with her crotchet, its a beautiful blue too. Shame about the class maybe someone will over up a rumpus room etc..... Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. LMAO you're too funny! Trevor has learned how to be a little asshole too. Dang kids! I love the shell fabrics, so pretty!


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