Saturday, March 21, 2015


Well... I say 'visitors', but I've only seen ONE so far.
But... I'm sure there are more.

He/She looks like this:

 ABOVE:  cute?  HELL NO! 

Griffin and I watched it run backwards and forwards from the fireplace to behind the TV in the lounge for a couple of hours last night.  

I'm welcoming it into the family with one of these:

  WITH Peanut Butter. 

Hopefully by the end of the day we will have no more 'visitor'.

I'm not sticking around to find out if it get's snapped.  We are going to Matakana with the kids.

We shall be visiting the Matakana Market again, then having a walk and/or a swim at Omaha or one of the many beaches around there.  I wonder if the water has cooled down much since Stew and I were up there last?

It's supposed to be a lovely day weather wise. It will be nice to take the kids out for a nice break from the usual routine.

ABOVE: Before he left for Hamilton last night, Steve asked me to cut his hair, which I happily did.  Then he cut off the beard and moustache...

ABOVE:  Yaaaa... bye bye bushy ginger beard!

Right, catch ya later... over and out... bye bye mousey...


Mousey likes peanut butter... and didn't get his head chopped off.  Better luck tonight ... when I will tie some hard cheese on the mousetrap.

TODAY:  was lovely.  First stop was the Matakana Market, where we got these:

 ABOVE: Cast iron door stop, three hooks and from a 2nd hand stall the little lighthouse picture, it's painted on tin.

ABOVE:  Also at a 2nd hand stall, this rather large, funky cane basket.  As I carried it around the market I got heaps of nice comments about how awesome it was.   I felt rather happy I'd seen it before someone else bought it. 

After Matakana market, we had lunch at the local pup, Griffin really wanted to go there as he's not been there for a long time.  

Their burgers are nothing like they used to be under the previous management, but they were still nice.  The place is way more popular now, there were heaps of people eating there.

After lunch we drove on to Omaha, where we took a drive around until lunch went down.  Then the kids had a swim and we all had a wander along the beach picking up shells for the front door area.

 ABOVE:  The lifeguards had a hard job while we were there...

ABOVE:  They only had to watch our two!  And Stew stood on the beach and kept an eye on them too.

ABOVE:  I've no idea who this chap is, but he must be special cos he's banded.  

 ABOVE:  Omaha at low tide, and fairly rough water today.  There was quite a strong wind blowing.

 ABOVE:  This is a double hull canoe, and just after I passed it 4 young guys arrived and went out in it.  They surfed the waves on it.

 ABOVE:  I grabbed some seaweed to dry and maybe hang somewhere in the dining room or on the fence.  As long as it doesn't stink!

ABOVE:  The cockle shells we gathered from the beach... I would like more to fill up this garden bed.  

So, there ya go.  We had a nice day.  I hope you did too.
Time to sit back and enjoy a quiet evening... wonder what's on the telly tonight?  

End of Day:  Well a fab day... shopping, good food, beach, what more could ya ask for!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Yeay good riddens ginger beard :) xxx one very happy girl

  2. Hope your friend likes peanut butter!! have a great time in Matakana-water may be a bit cold.

  3. It took days for our "mousey" to take the bait!! good luck.

  4. lol@ Bex! I had a "visitor" in my classroom the other day. The kids were going crazy. I chased it behind a cupboard and next thing it was climbing up the security door. The kids were singing "Spider mouse, Spidermouse". It was hilarious!

  5. Ha furry critters, colds coming. Lovely to see you had some nice family time love the doorstop too.

  6. Eeww mouse!! Only thing worse is rats!!

    I love Matakana, haven't been there in ages. Last time we decided to go was over Christmas break. Over 90 minutes in traffic & we hadn't even gotten to Warkworth and as we were late leaving it was already 11.30. Gary executed a rather quick u turn & we headed back to the city. Might try again next school holidays when we don't have to be back here for singing lessons.

  7. Anonymous6:33 AM

    What a great day!! Kids looked to be having a great time. LOVE, LOVE the basket as well - you have a great eye for treasure :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Oh thank gawd for that! Steve shaved his beard! He now looks as if he's had a good old shower. Don't forget your aftershave Steve!!
    Lynda Allen, UK

  9. Love the shells! Looks like a nice day.


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