Monday, March 30, 2015


Today is my Mum's partner's 80th Birthday.  Ron and his family have been a part of my family's lives since I was an infant. I used to call him 'Uncle Ron' as a kid.  Mum and Ron have been 'together' for exactly 10 years.  

I was supposed to go over for his Birthday Party, but well... it didn't happen for various reasons.  (they live in Australia)
 I'm sure my Mum and his kids will make sure his day is awesome. 

First up for the day is vacuming.  The house is a tip.
The new carpet is fluffing up a little bit.  But not too badly.  But, it does need a vacum.
Now that I have a Kirby again, I'm actually enjoying vacuming!

We have a gate post up...

ABOVE: it's HUGE!  And the guys are talking about having a chain from the top of it down into the garden and attatching it to the wooden garden surrounds to help hold it up too! 

Seriously, the gate is THAT heavy!

It took 10 bags of concrete to set that post in place too.
This is one expensive gate and post.

 ABOVE: looks like he's admiring the garden eh?
He's not.  Bob the Builder is watering the pots!
In front of his mother no less!

I suppose he didn't want to take his boots off and go inside... hmmm.

Bex got busy yesterday too.  She's making Giraffes (5) for a lady from Playcentre.  They are being sent over to children in Vanuatu who lost everything in Cyclone Pam. 

ABOVE:  She did heaps in just one day!

Well done Bex.

OK... I'm off to get the vacum out and get this house tidy again.  Kids are at school for only 4 days this week.  Then it's end of term and they will be home for two weeks.  
I'm actually enjoying school holidays now, they SLEEP IN!
And they are big enough to amuse themselves.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel... AGAIN.


Well... so much for 'only' doing the vacuming.  I've been at it all morning.  Tidying, vacuming, making beds, doing the washing.  And I'm knackered.
Almost time to sit down and have some lunch.

And watch Home and Away.  Can't forget that.

Then I'm moving a shelving unit out of Griffin's room.  

I took a Grandma nap!  And woke in time to get dinner for the family!
Ravioli with a cheese sauce and tomato sauce.
Then... a quiet evening.

End of Day:  a lovely Monday, got heaps done around the house and I love that.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Holy Crap... I just remembered about the GIRAFFE I was getting Bex to make me - I'm really sorry. Completely slipped my mind. If it's the same size, can she use it for them? If not I will definitely get it - will make a point of coming out your way in the holidays. Sorry guys! Kate

  2. Sorry... noo, it looks like Steve is definitely peeing! Or... well, I'm glad ya explained he's peeing! Thanks! lol

    1. Heee heeee... be thankful. I cropped the 'rest' out! You could have seen SO MUCH MORE!

  3. Oh "watering" the plants. Haha I wondered why that deserved a picture - now I get it :-).

  4. Hell below that sure is a gate, Steve is a crack up! Boys/men they are funny. Love the giraffes funky and bright.

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Happy birthday Ron. What is it about boys/men & public peeing!! Nice work Bex :-)

  6. Men always have a certain 'stance' when peeing

  7. Such a boy. I knew what he was doing before you even said it lol. I can't wait to see the fence, I bet it's great!

    The little giraffes are so cute!

  8. Those giraffes are just so damn cute!!!!!


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