Monday, March 23, 2015


I just handed in my notice at the Hospice Shop.
Various reasons... mostly to do with family.  Won't go into details, just need to take a break from being there right now.

If at a later date I feel like life is settled again, I will go back.  Probably in a few months maybe.

Bex is sick today, so on the advice of her midwife, she's taking it easy, and I am looking after Dante for her.  I'm sure we can find lots of things to keep us happy. 

So, today I shall be doing some housework, and playing with a 2 year old.  

Tonight, once Steve is home, I will be going to that new shop I found yesterday, to attend one of their Patchwork Classes.  If I enjoy it I will probably start going there every Monday night.  I think a night class will suit me much better than a 'day class'.   No rushing around in the morning to get ready!

The class I attend at the moment is closing, this Friday is our last day.  If they don't start up a new class somewhere else, at least I have somewhere to go!


YES!  We got mousey! Wanna see?.................
Nah, maybe not.  Once upon a time I would have shown you, but Stew already threw him in the rubbish and I ain't gunna fish out a dead mouse for no one.  lol

Bex is still feeling rather fragile, so she's in for a long, quiet day.  Dante is happy as Larry playing in the family room, watching TV and playing with his trains.
I'm going to get a bit of housework done now.

Dante has been such a good boy for us today, nice and quiet, happy to play with his trains and eat pop corn that I made.

Once Bex and Dante went to bed for a mid-day nap, I popped downstairs and made another little kimono... for fun.

I had to watch a YouTube tutorial to remember how to do it!

ABOVE: The one on the left is the 'new' one, I added gold thread stitching for effect, and the one on the right is one I made the other day, I just unfolded it and fussy cut a cute insect for the front panel.
If only I could think of a project to use them on!  No point making any more if I've not got a project in mind for them.

In this new class I'm going to tonight, you are obliged to use fabrics and materials you have bought in their shop for projects worked on in class... so I'm gunna have to buy fabric tonight for my 'in class' project.   
But... I don't know what I want to make in class yet.  *sigh*   I might spend a lot of time tonight just wandering around the shop!
Dumm dee dooo.. what a nightmare THAT will be.  lol

I'm feeling excited about the new class... it's almost time to leave.  I'm hoping the traffic heading North is not as bad as heading South!  Mad time of the night to be travelling... but it would have been no better getting to the 9.30 am class, probably worse.
How AWFUL that I have to buy some more fabric tonight!

I'll be back later to show you what I decided to make tonight, and the fabric I had to get for it.  *hoping the ladies are nice*

Well.. the class was very small.. only 4 'students' and the tutor.  But it was NICE.  We had several good conversations going.  
I decided to start a sampler quilt, to learn the finer details and how to get things lined up properly, and also try new blocks.

I will show you the 'example' quilt tomorrow.

It took me a good 20 minutes to decide what fabric colours to use for mine... brights of course!  I will finish the first block tomorrow hopefully, then I can show you it.

Steve arrived home from work and promptly threw up apparently.  So, Three DOWN, Four to GO.  Wonderful.   Maybe some of us will be lucky and escape the bug?
When I left, Bex was starting to feel much better... so it's certainly a 24 hour bug.

End of Day:  a good day... very happy with how the class went. It was weird driving in the dark, something I avoid like the plague usually, but it's not so bad on the motorway... plenty of lighting.
nite nite


  1. Bex I hope you feel better soon. Chris hope you are ok too!!

  2. I hope Bex is better soon. I'm sorry hospice is not working out for you, but you've done this for a very long time and been so generous to others. You might be ready to just concentrate on your own family for a while. Hugs.

  3. Awwwww hope Bex feels better soon, mice they are sneaky lil critters. Let's hope the new class works well for you.

  4. Hopefully by the time you read this Bex will be feeling better.
    Sorry to hear about the Hospice Shop but family first.
    xo jj

  5. I hope Bex feels much better soon....she is lucky to have you to help with Dante.

  6. Anonymous5:23 PM


    I have bought some cards that have those kimonos on them...larger ones and smaller ones...maybe an idea for you ?



  7. Hope Bex is better. Can't wait to her about your new class. Glad you got the mouse-you can sleep easy now!!

  8. Ugh not the pukey bugs.


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