Saturday, March 07, 2015


Because we have opted to take up the laminate on the floor, Steve decided to make a start on the stairs last night.

He didn't get much done as it was rather hard going.  

ABOVE:  There is a DOUBLE layer of laminate on the stairs, because when they were done two years ago they stuffed it up the first time, and rather than take off the first layer and do it right, they just laid a new lot on top.

So, we have to rip up two layers of the bloody stuff.  Well... I say 'we' ... but I really mean the men!

I expect to help upstairs as it won't be hard at all once we get the first planks up.

Getting rid of it all is going to be a right pain though.  We will probably have to hire a trailer and take it all to the tip.

One thing I noticed walking down the stairs last night was how much 'deeper' the steps were that had no laminate on them.  Two layers sure made them shallower.   I can't wait for the carpet, no more dust on the stairs staring me in the face all the time.  Yaaaa!
And no massive dust bunnies under the furniture either. 

I really don't get why people like wooden floors.  I know I will never have them again if I can help it.

I'm dragging Stew out this morning...  looking at fence materials.  I've gone off the aluminium panels and now want something more funky.  The guys will have to build the fence from scratch now.  Poor buggers.

We are expecting Kelly and Rena after lunch. Kelly has a little surprise to give someone in the house.  I won't say more than that right now... just know for that person it will be HUGE, and I will have my camera handy to catch the reaction!  *smiles*  It should be good.


*squeals*... I just bought an old wrought iron gate for our fence.  Off Trademe.

ABOVE:  funky!

Plans change.  Kelly isn't coming up till tomorrow now, so no surprises today after all.

ABOVE:  Stew and Griffin toiled for a few hours today and got all the laminate up.

We formed a human chain and got all of it downstairs and into my car (it fitted!), and then Stew started working on the stairs.  Steve got about 3 steps done last night.

Stew worked on those stairs for about 2 hours, and got 3 more steps done... then Steve got home and ripped up the last few in 35 minutes flat!  

He just WENT FOR IT!

ABOVE:  That's it, the last one off!  What an amazingly crap job.  BUT, we saved ourselves almost $2,000 by doing it ourselves.

I have thought about what to do with our naughty little Tallulah in relation to our rugs.
This is what I came up with:

ABOVE:  If she's in the lounge/family room, she's in the pen.  It's all I can do to stop her from chewing the rugs, short of locking her out of the family rooms.  

I can't put a muzzle on her, it's too cruel.  The repellent spray didn't work... she loved the stuff!  So, until she outgrows the chew everything in sight stage, this is it for her.  

Dante liked being in there too obviously.

Talking of Dante.  It shall be a quiet evening/Sunday for us as Steve, Bex and Dante have gone to Hamilton till tomorrow night.

End of Day:  a big day ... got heaps done.
Now we just have to wait a week or so until we have to move all the furniture again so the carpet and vinyl can be laid.
Time for bed.  
nite nite


  1. That's odd! I LOVE wooden floors because I feel, the dirt I see is ALL THE DIRT THERE IS. So sure! I have dirt and dust bunnies, too, but none lurking under the carpet I don't have in some places. :)

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I love wooden floors too ours are so beautiful, spotted gum, we have them in the whole house, except for the TV room, for sound proofing. I love them as they can be kept so clean. But we have a white cat with lots of fur ! I use the Enjo sweeper every day and vacuum on the days I mop the me exercise lol..



  3. I too love wooden floors but detest laminate floors I clean 3 houses that have laminate and even the owners hate it. Ohhhh who wouldn't love surprises, can't wait to see myself.

  4. Before you hire a trailer & pay dump fees check out the prices of skip bins, a smallish one might be cheaper & easier - they drop it off, you fill it up then they come pick it up & take it away.

  5. Loooooooovvvee the gate! Score!!

  6. I love the gate too! I also like the idea of having a bin brought to your house for the floor garbage.

  7. The gate is gorgeous chris. Can't wait too see how you use it.

  8. Any chance that the stuff you pulled up is saleable on Trademe? Some of it looks good!

  9. You'll be pleased that the big job of pulling up the laminate is done and dusted - great saving in doing it yourself! Can't wait to see how your gate looks when installed :)

  10. The bad thing about carpet is if you have allergies and it catches all the dirt in there.


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