Saturday, February 28, 2015


Three weeks ago Lacy did a rather silly thing.
They had a fire burning rubbish on their property, and she used her BARE FOOT to push some embers back into the fire.... or something like that... and she got burnt on her toes with some melted plastic.

Now, at the time they didn't think it was too bad, and covered the burns with plasters.

Wrong thing to do.  It didn't get better, it got worse, much, much worse.

I will show you the progression from 3 weeks ago till now:

WARNING! WARNING!  Skip this if you don't like gruesome photos.

ABOVE:  right after she did it.  It looks really bad.

When they realised it wasn't healing, they went to the hospital.  Lacy has been having it dressed every day in hospital!  She has third degree burns.

 ABOVE:  After two weeks.  It looks horrendous!
And this is after it's been looked after by the burns unit at the hospital.

ABOVE:  Last week.  

Sadly, the hospital staff told her yesterday that she will most likely need surgery, skin grafts, to help it heal as it isn't going to by the look of it.

So, she's been having a rough time!  

It's hard as a mother to know your kid is hurt and there is NOTHING you can do to make it better.

I hope she gets the skin grafts soon and it really does start to heal.

Now, how about a happy photo?
Last year I got grapes from our new vine... EXACTLY 2 of them!
This year... we have heaps!

ABOVE: This is the second bowl full that I have picked.  I'm so happy.  These grapes are the true, old fashioned, super sweet and tasty ones I remember from my Nana's garden.

Last night Dante was in the bath.  Steve crept down to his room, stripped off to his undies and then ran into the bathroom and jumped in the bath with Dante!
Dante was shocked and screamed!
Then he settled down and had lots of fun with his Daddy in the bath.  So cute.

 ABOVE:  This is the sort of thing I would do... come to think of it I think I did do this with Brylee and Griffin when they were toddlers once!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  happiness.

Today?  We are expecting our son Russell and grandson Joshua for a vist sometime today I think.  

Also, we shall be looking at tiles for the kitchen at some point this morning.

Some housework will get done.

And I might do some sewing later too.

So, got stuff to do... off to do it.


Well a very successful morning.   Carpet Court are going to be replacing our wood laminate... not sure when, but they get the job as Harrison's only do carpet ... and we need carpet and tiles.

We are going with the same carpet that's in the rest of the house, and a vinyl 'tile' for the kitchen area.

ABOVE: This is the tile we have chosen.  It doesn't get glued to the floor, it just sits on top!  So, if you ruin a tile somehow, you can just lift it up and replace it!  It sounds strange, but apparently they don't move around cos of the rubber backing.  I love it!

How often does someone drop a knife of sharp item on ya floor and leave a hole/mark?  OFTEN.  We will be getting a few 'spare' tiles for just that purpose.

Now I'm actually looking forward to getting this bloody wood laminate shit off my floor.   I wish like hell I'd known I could have had this option two years ago. 

We just had a really lovely little visit from our son Russell, his girlfriend Ang and his son Joshua.
We haven't seen Josh for quite a while.. he's grown into a young man almost!

ABOVE:  Our grandson Joshua.  He's almost 14!  I can still vividly remember his birth... where does the time go?  

 ABOVE:  left to right ... in order of birth.  We got our first 3 grandchildren in the space of 13 months.  It was a special time.

ABOVE: so cute.  Dante just loves his Uncle Russ.  He hardly left him alone the entire time they were here.  Sadly, Ang didn't even get a 'hello'!  But, she did get a 'bye' when they left.  Funny little boy how he has taken to Russ. 

I was going to make scones for lunch.  Until I heated up the oven and it started pouring smoke into the house...

ABOVE:  didn't put the scones in there!
I will be cooking them tonight now, after I've cleaned the oven.  *sigh*

Found out something though... our smoke detectors don't work!   Our house was FULL of smoke... and nothing.
Stew will be sorting that out before bedtime tonight that's for sure.

I have spent the evening sewing the little dragon wall hanging.  I had to stop at 10.30 pm as I was starting to see double!   I'll show you the progress tomorrow.

We all had ... get this... scones, jam and cream for DINNER!  LOL.... I had them all ready made, just waiting to be baked.... so after I cleaned the oven they went in.  It was a different sort of dinner, but food at the end of the day.

End of Day: a very nice day.  Loved seeing Russ, Josh and Ang.  Enjoyed me sewing, and peace down in the garage on me own.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    OMG - Poor Lacy!!! Burns are so so painful. I can only imagine what she's going through. I hope you heal quickly and sending you good wishes.
    ~Nicole in CA

  2. Oh that looks sore Lacy. Thankfully you have a team at a Burns Unit looking after you. Hope you get the surgery you need soon. I remember the taste of grapes off the vine like that Chris-so sweet and juicy. Enjoy.

  3. Burns hurt. So empathy for Lacy, but...! poking a fire with your bare foot - not the most sensible thing to do! Love the look of those grapes, congrats on getting them before the birds did! I am thinking of planting a grapevine here but I don't know how well they would do in the windy Welly climate. Won't hurt to try, though.

  4. Ouch Lacy - that must be painful. I hope you get your surgery soon and recovery goes well.

    Fresh grapes .... yummy!!

  5. Omg that looks nasty as wow poor Lacy I do hope you get better and hope you don't need surgery. Steve is so funny Dante looks so cute in there with Dad. josh is a handsome boy such blue eyes. Glad you are having a nice weekend shame about the oven.

  6. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Hope all goes ok for Lacy - mush be so sore! Josh is another very good looking grandchild! Anne - Palmy

  7. Funny you say that about knives as I dropped one recently and it landed pointy end in the floor. Better that than in my foot!

  8. Do please update on Lacy when you get a chance. This is horrible.

  9. The kids are so big! Fun for them to be able to be together.

  10. Oh and her toes! OMG ouch.


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