Wednesday, March 04, 2015


First thing this morning I am going down to Carpet Court to confirm their quote, pay the deposit and get the ball rolling on the new flooring.

I can't wait for it to be done and dusted, and no longer annoying the shit outta me.  I'm so over flooring issues!

After that, I shall come home, do some housework, finish the wall hanging for Sarah and roll up our rugs and put them away for a year or so.

WHY?  Well Tallulah has taken to EATING the corners off the rugs.  She's done in two so far, and there's three more she can ruin if she gets the chance.

So.  I'm not giving her the chance.  I love the rugs in our lounge and the really fluffy wool one that's now in the dining room, no way is she going to eat the corners off them too.

I hope she out grows this particularly destructive behaviour in the next year as she matures.

So, that's my morning planned.  This afternoon Griffin has his 2nd dental appointment to do his root canal treatment.  


I'm thinking of spay painting that little birdcage thingee from the Hospice shop white, and putting some shells/driftwood/bit of net in it.

Killing time now.  I don't need to go down to Carpet Court till after lunch as the sales rep I'm working with is out till then.  That will work out good, as I have to go down with Griffin later anyway.  Just means one trip to Manukau instead of two today.

Well as you can see, it's been a quiet, uneventful day.
I paid for the flooring, Griffin's tooth is fixed, and the Archgola man turned up and installed a piece of plastic to stop the rain getting in on one corner.  
Fingers crossed it is water tight-ish now.

I've got Rice Risotto cooking, Chicken flavour with bacon and onions.  

After dinner I shall be doing bugger all.   Maybe I should finish the loops for the wall hanging!

Felt 'flat' all day today.  Just not in a good mood really.  Luckily there's no chocolate in the house is all I can say!

End of Day:  just spent ages looking on Pinterest at fences/gates.  Grrrr... it can take up so much time.
Off to bed, it's another day tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Oh dear not the mats....sounds like u have a buzy day.

  2. Our kelpie keeps eating her beds. I wonder if it's a security thing??

  3. I like the idea for your bird cage. It will look cute!

  4. The birdcage idea sounds awesome, I can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. Ohhhhh can't wait to see the birdcage, glad the archgola is getting there finally. Some days we can feel flat its nearly a full moon....... That won't be helping.

  6. Have a lovely evening, tomorrow is another day.

  7. I love typos. Spay painting. He he he

    1. LOL... thanks, I didn't even notice. Luckily I think everyone knew what I meant. *smiles*

  8. You're always so busy! You must have re-done the entire floor of your house several times since I've been reading your blog!


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