Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So, today is day one of having Miss Muppet in the house.  All going well she will settle in and be perfectly happy while she's here.

She certainly was yesterday.  Dante was thrilled to see her and they played happily together for ages.  It was so bloody cute to see them together.

I've got a Dr's appointment this morning, so rather than take her with me, I shall drop her off to Playcentre... Bex and Dante will already be there,  Bex will watch her for me while I'm at the Dr's.

It's my diabetes check up.  I wonder how my results will be?  I'm hoping REALLY GOOD, cos I have been, except for the odd slip up, really careful with my diet since Christmas.

My last blood work in December came back abysmal.  My 'count' was 72, up from 56.  In the 'YELLOW' zone... so not that good at all.

Fingers crossed for a lower number this time.

Apart from the Dr's appointment, I have nothing on today.  Awesome.  I can just hang out with Keera, and give her lots of loves and cuddles.


SCENARIO:  Bex and Dante are about to leave for Playcentre.  Dante pulls a very sad face and covers his eyes with his hands.  Bex and I know it's because Keera isn't going with them right now... so Bex tells Dante that Keera is coming to Playcentre with Grandma soon, and his face just lights up with a HUGE smile!

Then the two littlies hug and kiss each other bye bye.  It was just so adorable.

They are thoroughly enjoying each other's company... wonder how long it will last?  *smiles*

First up for the morning, I took Keera down to the mall and bought her some shoes.  Shoe warehouse were having a sale, buy 2, get the 3rd free:

ABOVE:  of course I got three!  These should see her through to next summer.

When we arrived at the mall, we got out of the car just as a group of 6 men and women walked past, and Keera said "Hello People" and they all turned and said "Hello" to her and smiled.  So sweet.

ABOVE:  these two had a wonderful time at Playcentre... they virtually followed each other around the whole time.

Now.  Doctor visit.


NORMAL                                             ME

Blood pressure 130/80                     126/82

Cholesterol less than 4                      4
LDL less than 2.0                                1.9

HbA1c less than 55                            58 (it was 72)

So as the numbers say, I'm VIRTUALLY BANG ON NORMAL!
My HbA1c can come down a tiny bit more, and I will work on that over the next 3 months.

Do you know what's the BEST thing about all my results?

I STOPPED TAKING METFORMIN 3 months ago!  I don't need it.  I can control the diabetes with diet alone.
In another 3 months I might even let the Doctor know I'm not taking the Metformin!  Naughty me.

End of Day:  well an excellent day, a day I'd been hoping for since the beginning of the year.  It's been a lovely quiet evening too.. well as quiet as it can be with to toddlers in the house. 
nite nite


  1. Awesome keera will love play center. ....good luck on ur results.

  2. Oh so bloody awesome, love that Master Dante and my Little Muppet are still best of Cuzzy's.
    Morning Baby Chicken, mummy loves you xoxoxoxo

  3. You're normal!!! That is cause for celebrating. Good for you, keep at it!

    1. Ha ha! My bloods are 'normal'... not too sure about the rest of me!

  4. Love the photos of Keera and Dante, so cute together.

    Fantastic results from the Doctor, good on you :-)

  5. Penny1:16 PM

    Good for you on the results - excellent news! Kids are lovely, thanks for sharing! Penny xo

  6. How utterly cute of Dante and Keera, cute shoes too. Fantastic results re blood and bp good girl best news for you.

  7. fantastic blood results Chris
    Loving the photos of Keera and Dante too but miss seeing missy muppet growing up

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Great Results ! cute pics



  9. Lol she does have shoes Ma she is just not really into wearing them lol but in saying that, thank you and muchly appreciated
    Miss you my baby chicken xoxo

  10. Cute pics of the two little cousins. Great news on the blood tests-keep up the good work.

  11. We'll done!! Keep up the great eating. Awesome news :)

  12. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Go Chris!! So good to hear your news:-)

    The kids are gorgeous! Anne - Palmy

  13. You're AWESOME. You're working hard! And little Miss Keera has really grown! She's so cute! She and Dante make quite the pair.

  14. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Well done on the results!!!!!! Miss Muppet is so cute (as is Dante) - just lovely when they play nice LOL

  15. WTG on fixing yourself up with your food!

  16. w00t! Congrats on the results. That hard work is paying off. :)


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