Thursday, March 05, 2015


I'm wanting to put a low fence along the outside edge of the 'dining room'... so I can have the side curtains up but still keep the dogs off that side of the lawn/house.

I like that lawn to be poop free, for toddlers and kids.

So.  I want a little decorative fence, half wall type of thing there.  So, I'm going down to Bunnings and Mitre 10 to see what they have.

That should kill a couple of hours this morning.

Once I'm home again I've got a little sewing to do, and some housework too.

Just the usual, washing, vacuming, dusting, bla bla bla.

I will also pop into Medlab and get me blood test done.  The 3 monthly tests sure pop up fast.

I am really interested to see how my bloods are this time around, bearing in mind I've been rather 'good' with me diet all year!  'All year'... ha ha ha!  

Cos there were no photos yesterday, I will just have a few of 'the kid':

 ABOVE:  Pretending to be a dog.  Coco was not impressed.

ABOVE:  Just being a hoon... show off.

ABOVE:  Butter wouldn't melt in is mouth.  Yeah right!  He's a holy terror sometimes.

ABOVE:  This is how good MY Zucchini fritters looked the other night!  Just as good as the original I believe.

Right, I'm outta here, stuff to do.


Well... I've seen a few options for our little fence.  I've bought a wee piece of driftwood for my 'birdcage' and I've just cooked some more of those zucchini fritters for Bex and my lunch.

They were delicious too.  

After lunch has settled, I'm off to get my damn blood test done.  Ikkkk.

I thought going late in the day would mean no big wait. WRONG.  There were plenty of people waiting, so plenty of time for me to get nervous.  AND the don't have a Supervisor there right now, so I had to get my test done by a 'regular' technician.  Luckily, she found my one 'good' vein and managed to draw blood.  Phew!  So relieved.  Sometimes it takes 2-3 attempts before they find my vein.

Thank god it's only once every 3 months I have to do that.

Home now.  Don't cook on a Thursday night.  Yaaaa.   

End of Day:  Well I didn't get much else done for the day.  Sat and watched mindless Tv and did a crossword on me laptop.  
Now I better get off to bed, it will be Friday in half an hour!
nite nite


  1. Hi Chris. Lovely photos. Good luck with your search for suitable fencing.

    Can you please post the recipe for your fritters - they look delicious - and one of my work colleagues has just given me some courgettes - I need to use them. Thanks :)

  2. Paula the recipe is in the comments on Tuesday's post.

  3. Oh, those fritters look so GOOD. I'm glad they got the vein on the first try. I'm seriously traumatised even thinking of going to get bloodwork done b/c I go through the same thing.

  4. Gawd those fritters look good alright. Dante is gorgeous as ever. Can't wait to see the birdcage..How is Lacy's foot?

  5. There is nothing wrong with mindless TV. What I don't watch I tape to watch later :-)


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