Sunday, March 29, 2015


Today I'm going to suggest to Stew that we have a go at getting started on hanging our gate.

That just means getting the big post and concreting it in place.  Then we can go from there.

It's not like I expect the entire fence and gate to be built and hung TODAY.  *smiles*

Though they must know I actually want it all done YESTERDAY!

Seriously, I'm not the most patient person around.  BUT... OMG I've had to learn to bite my tongue and be patient.  

I haven't been able to do a hot wash in my washing machine in MONTHS and MONTHS.... cos a certain part was broken.

Steve got a new part for it WEEKS ago...

ABOVE:  There it is.  I pinned it on the Family Room Wall.  So it wouldn't be lost before getting installed.  

And .. ummm... cos I wanted Steve to see it and eventually remember to fit it.  
Still waiting.

I  KNOW  he's a busy man... he works 6 days a week an' all.  But I live in hope he will find the time to do it.  Like.  Soon.

Love ya Steve.  *smiles*

So, back to the fence.  Stew is perfectly capable of doing it.  It's not a complicated design or anything!  And I can help... like... supervise.

With a whip.

Going now... the day awaits.


Well... Stew and I have done the grocery shopping, it wasn't too bad in the supermarket, for a Sunday!

Then the guys stood outside and nutted out the fence/gate plans.
After lunch Stew is going to buy the post and concrete, and then dig a HUGE, DEEP hole.  *smiles*
I can't find me whip.

 ABOVE:  Contemplation

 ABOVE:  How heavy?  39.05 kgs!

 ABOVE:  Almost ready...

ABOVE:  The first sod dug.

And now the poor buggers are digging... and the ground is rock hard and full of rocks.
I feel bad.  

The FINAL of the Cricket World Cup is on in 2 hours.  I hope they stop to watch it, I don't want that on my conscience!

We lost the Cricket World Cup.  The guys are gutted.  Personally, I could care less.  

End of Day:  a neat day, so happy that the gate post is in!
Now the concrete has to set then the gate can be hung.

Easter might be when that happens.

nite nite


  1. Supervise with a whip!!!.... sounds a bit like how I run my house!!!! xxxxxxx

  2. Hope they were done on time! :)

  3. Gee that's a blimmin heavy gate, at this rate they are not going to miss out on much cricket!!!lol

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    nice gate!!!


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