Thursday, March 19, 2015


Would you believe... another vacum cleaner!
We tried vacuming the stairs with our Kirby last night.  IMPOSSIBLE.
So, today I shall go out and about and have a look at what options there out there, suitable for stairs.

ABOVE:  I had a quick look on the 'net last night, and saw these two.   One is at Godfrey's, the other at Harvey Norman.  I will go look at them today.

Some good news... Lacy's toes have almost healed, without needing skin grafts after all.
She's rather lucky, but then, she has also been looking after the burn well.

ABOVE:  yaaa... brand new skin.  She will still have to be very careful with it, and still dress it and put burn cream on for a bit longer... but the worst is behind her I think.

Such a relief really, I know it has been a long, painful recovery.  Not only the burn, but not being able to walk properly for so long.

So... I'm outta here... things to do around the house, some shopping maybe... just a normal day.
I plan on reading some blogs after lunch too... must catch up on my friend's blogs!



I get up all excited about going shopping, then Bex looks at me and says:

"Why don't you use the Central Vac for the stairs, instead of buying a vacum you DON'T NEED?"

DOH, Why didn't I think of that?  Now what can I go out shopping for?  *sigh*

I decided to be a good girl... and do housework instead of going shopping.  I don't NEED a bloody thing.  Dammit.

Now I'm all hot and sweaty and wondering why the hell I had a shower? I'm going to do another vacum all over the house then call housework quits.  

 ABOVE:  I am just so happy with this room now... the rug was an engagement present from Stew's Mum and her Sister... 27 years ago.  It's had a hard life, but is still going strong.  Perfect for there, that's where we put the littlies table for their meals.

ABOVE: The sun is streaming into the Dining Room... it's such a lovely 'room' too.
All is well in my house again, everything is back in it's place.

I'm cooking beef and onion Stew for dinner tonight, it's smelling delish.

End of Day:  I've had a lovely day.  Looking forward to patchwork class tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Y spend money wen U have a central vac :) any time xxx bex

  2. Bex is a smart girl.

  3. Lacy my advice to you keep said foot out of sun AS FRESH new skin sunburns quickly... Bex smart girl have an awesome day vaccuming...

  4. Can't recommend the Dyson hand held enough. We have one and it's great!

  5. We also have a Dyson handheld. Love it. NO CORD! Makes it sooo much easier to grab and do a quick cleaning when you would never drag out the big heavy corded thing!

  6. Lacy - That toe is looking mighty fine now!!!!!

    1. Thank you for that Dogstars

  7. Oh good. Not buying ANYTHING means you save a lot. If that doesn't work, see if you can't find attachment kits for your current vac. Good luck!

    Lacy's looking SO MUCH BETTER. Probably pretty sore still though.

    1. Thank you Happy Elf Mom yes it is so much better im so happy, and yes still a bit tender but am still being very carefully

  8. Penny7:31 PM

    Wow, the house looks wonderful! I was wondering about the archgola and how it was going but it looks like it was the perfect solution to your lack of dining room space. With so many people in the house (especially little people) you need the space for people to move around. When I think of how it was without it, while it was tidy and ordered, the extra space will be very useful especially in winter when you are all stuck inside a lot more. Even if you decide to shift the dining table again (no, not you Chris, of course not ;-) ) you will find a use for that space. Right now, it looks like it was meant to be there and the rest of the family room looks perfect. And good on you, saving money without even spending any! Penny xo

  9. You have made such a beautiful and warm home!! I love it.

  10. Your rooms look really the light and everything is so colorful.

    Lacy's toe looks so much better than it did. Healing nicely. Can't imagine how painful that must have been for her.

  11. I wish I had your energy to keep my house so nice!


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