Wednesday, April 01, 2015


It's been a busy week so far.  So, today I would like to just relax and do bugger all!

I might try and spend some time sewing, I would love to get baby's cot bumper finished in the next few days.

Can you believe I forgot to go to Patchwork Class on Monday night?  Nor can I!
I was so excited to go too.  Derrrr.
I must right the shop today and see if I can make up that missed class next term.  I'd pre-paid ya see.

This weekend the guys reckon they will get my fence built!  So... I might just need to go looking for a few bits 'n' bobs to do with the fence.  And some new plants too.  
I would like to find some different sorts of succulents, ones that are different to what I already have.  

They are about the only plants I seem to not KILL with neglect!  lol

Right, my mind really is a blank this morning, and there's no point yabbering on about nothing, so I'll bugger off for now.


INTERVAL TRAINING.  Yep, that's what I'm doing right now.
Getting my heart rate up, by pushing a heavy desk UP the stairs and into Griffin's room.  Then stop for a  breath.
Then move something else around.  Then stop for a breath.

That's how it's done right?

I'm STILL working on the sewing area, getting it ready for a new table this weekend... cos by hook or by crook I'm getting one of those Horn Cutting Tables!

As I had hoped, it has been a very quiet day.  I'm so tired at the moment, been doing too much I think.

Sorry it's been a boring day for you fulla's.

Freakin' best news of the day!  Mark Lundy got found GUILTY again of the murder of his wife and daughter.  We knew he'd done it from the word GO.  So pissed he got a re-trial which cost this country MILLIONS of dollars.  
If you feel differently, remember we all have the right to our opinion.

End of Day:  early for once.  I've actually been feeling a bit 'off' all day today... so might just be early to bed for me.  And 'early' would be around 10 pm.  I hope I get a decent sleep tonight.... but somehow I doubt it.  My mind is struggling to switch off at the moment.
nite nite


  1. Gs mum dont push to hard. ...

  2. Sometimes you need a quiet day. Can't believe you forgot to go to your patchwork class on Monday. Good luck with the auction for the cutting table.

  3. Boy you sure move stuff by hook or by crook! Lol hope yr back arm aren't too sore tomorrow. Whole heartedly agree with with the verdict YUS......

  4. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Agree with the verdict as well! Two juries can't be wrong. Anne - Palmy

    1. PLUS we both live (d) there and knew a family member (from Weight Watchers) who was 100% positive he did it too.

  5. I just wish he'd tell the trutth now he's been found guilty again, so sad to think the wee girl would be 22 now.

  6. I think he is guilty too!!


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