Monday, August 12, 2013


Yesterday Steve and Bex had a go at crochet.  They got some tutorials up on their laptop and well... they had varying success.
Bex wants to learn how to crochet toys.  Steve?  I've no idea why he took up a crochet hook!  Maybe to be doing something with Bex!

Anyway... I will show you the state of 'play' with their crochet prowess:

ABOVE:  well... we have stars.  They look like starfish on my computer mat eh?  Bex's is the orange one, and Steve's is the red.
You can tell they have different tension from each other.  

I think they are a long way off crocheting toys!
But I admire their determination.

I never got past crocheting blankets... I did master the 'Chevron' pattern... but now?  I've no idea how to do it!
And I don't want to.
I've got quite enough 'craft/sewing' projects on the go as it is.

I'm still trying to make up my mind how to 'fix' the big copper picture so I can rehang it without being scared it will fall off the wall like it did some months ago.

ABOVE: I am loving the new view I have now that I've moved my computer desk.  I've got a lovely windowsill to put some pretties on.  It was raining when I took the photo.  

Today Bex wants to walk down to the local Hospice Shop.  She saw something there she wants to buy.  If it's not raining we will go for a good walk, if it is raining, we will drive down.

Right, time to get the lunches made.... bla bla bla...


WEll... unless it gets nicer outside, today will be an inside day.  It's freezing outside, with rain and hail on and off.  
Bex and I are going to bake instead of going out this morning.
She is making more muffins for Steve's lunches, and I am going to make the health loaf again.

Steve is a LUCKY man!  Bex has made him some really cute muffins for his lunchbox!

ABOVE:  See?  He has a horse, sheep, monkey and lion to choose from... how lucky can a guy get?  *smiles*

I've got two Health/Fruit loaves in the oven now.  I was going to make some Herb Bread too... but I don't have any MILK POWDER, or fresh Surebake Yeast... *hint*, *hint* Darling.

Loaves: Well I got two done, and they are delicious.   Much better than the first one's I made last week.  I added dates (sorry Steve) and Baking Powder (I forgot the baking powder last time) and they have come out perfect.

ABOVE:  see the scales?   I was going to buy new ones TOMORROW ... as I didn't have any scales... or so I thought.
This morning I tidied up the glasses/coffee mugs and wouldn't  ya know it?  I found two scales that I had forgotten I had!

They were in the very back of the glasses cupboard.  SCORE.  Don't have to buy any now.

LACY:  well as some of you know or have guessed, things have been quite 'rocky' between us for a few days.  
It was making me feel really sick.  Upset.

So... last night we talked and resolved some of the issues surrounding the fall-out.  Somehow we have to agree on some very big issues and then move on.

Moving on... she might be getting another offer of a State House in a better area.  So, fingers crossed that happens, as I know she is NOT happy where she is.  Lots of reasons.

HEY DEE:  have you got your parcel yet????

End of Day: well as I thought, today has been an inside/keep warm sort of day.  The weather has really taken a turn towards true winter!  Bloody cold!
Never mind, it's been so good up till now we can't really complain.
nite nite


  1. I love your little brass frog :-)

  2. That window does have a pretty view. It looks so green out there.

    The starfish are very cute. I used to crochet too but seem to have gotten more uncoordinated as I've aged with my fingers/hands. It is not pretty! :D

  3. Glad that problem is sorted out for the moment.

  4. No Chris, not yet.105

  5. The animal muffins are so cute, I love fruit loaves and anything with dates in. I think it is always amazing what you find when clearing out cupboards, I had 2 juicers. Who knew? Cold windy and an all around murky day here too.


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