Friday, August 09, 2013


It's been a little while since Dante featured on the blog... so I shall show you the latest photos, taken last night :

 ABOVE (X's 2) :   I didn't plan on giving Dante ALL FOUR Dragons I got from the Hospice Shop yesterday....  But his Daddy had other ideas!  Seems Steve needed all of them.  *sigh*
STEVE has a dragon tattoo on his arm... and that means HE got all the dragons? 

Our darling wee man has a new 'face'... 

ABOVE:  It's called the 'fish lips face'!  It's so funny watching him discover new things to do.

He also got a good handful of Teddy's tail last night ... but Steve saved the day and got Teddy's tail extricated from the baby.  No damage done... but a dog wary of getting that close to yet another small person in the family. 

Right... today?
Bex has asked to be taken to the mall again.  For the life of me I can't remember why... but we will go, and once we get home I will probably do some housework then some sewing.

I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment... and I'm just not finding the time to do any of them.  Christmas is looming and I need to pull finger!
I am trying to sew/make most of my Christmas presents this year.

I moved my computer desk a couple of nights ago.  No one batted an eyelid!  I move shit all the time.  
I wonder when I will outgrow that?

My pants/tights are falling off... so I have been using a safety pin to pin them to me bra to keep them on.  Now I can pull them right up to me collarbones!

I asked Bex to take a photo... but she refused!  Said it was not a good look, and I didn't need to share it.
Pfffffft.  She ain't lived around me long enough obviously.

So... sorry, no photo after all.  

I better bugger off now... still have to make the lunches.  bla bla bla...


A hair cut.  That's why she wants to go to the mall.... we are leaving shortly.

Well... we've been out and about.... Bex got her hair trimmed, at the same place I got mine done on the weekend.
I paid $25.  So we kinda thought Bex's would cost the same.  WRONG.
She asked for a trim too... but the woman trimmed her layers and fringe too... and she got charged $45!
Daylight robbery!  They didn't wash it, just sprayed some water on and trimmed it.  She is really mad, and I don't blame her.
Clearly we won't be going there again.

Farmers are having a big sale, so we managed to get a few things for rock bottom prices...

ABOVE:  Those small cupcake moulds were only 99c!  I got the little kitchen scales for $3, but they are going back as they are broken!  Peeved I didn't notice that before I bought them.

Right, time for lunch... and hanging out the morning's washing.

Friday night and Steve and Bex have gone out to dinner and a movie.  Stew and I are doing the same thing next Friday.  Can't wait.

Just had a really funny moment in the house... more on that tomorrow.

End of Day:  early cos I'm going to just relax this evening with the family.  But first I have to sort out dinner, and get young Dante to bed.
Shouldn't be hard.  It's takeaway night, and Dante is almost ready for bed, he just had a big dinner, so in half an hour he will have his bottle, then go to bed.
I hope Steve and Bex DON'T worry about him too much and actually enjoy their evening.
nite nite


  1. YES!! YOU NEED TO SHARE THE LOOK!! Ask Steve or Stew to take your pic. :)

  2. Lol the vision Chris! I've had to biff out one pair of pants cause they would have showcased my butt given. Have a chance. Dante is beautiful, a real little boy face now.

  3. Oh its always funny watching babies discover there own bodies and reactions to new things, that's funny as about the pants get Brylee in one leg and Griffin in the other!

  4. Wow, what a crappy haul today, Chris! What's up with the bad bargains!?? Usually you sniff them all out very well. Is your sniffer off today? :)

  5. Love the fish face, too cute. I hope Steve & Bex have a nice night out & you & Stew have a nice night in.

  6. Cute fish faces being pulled by Dante. Always a good feeling when one's clothes have become so big that they fall off - well done! I hope you're enjoying your evening.


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