Saturday, August 10, 2013


Last night, before Steve and Bex went out, I cut Steve's hair.
I often do the guys hair.  

Anyway... once I had finished, Steve went off and had a shower, then came out to feed Dante his dinner while Bex had a shower too.

Only... Dante took one look at his Daddy and decided.... he didn't look right:

 ABOVE:  Something is not right here!

 ABOVE:  Nooooo, you are not my Daddy!

 ABOVE:  HELP me Grandma!

 ABOVE:  Seriously?  He still looks like himself!

 ABOVE: Hiding my face on Mummy's shoulder.

ABOVE:  Once Steve started doing his silly faces at Dante, baby came around.

But it was so funny!  Now I'm wondering if Dante does it again this morning when he wakes up.  I want to go back to Farmers and exchange the broken little scales.  And just spend time with Stew and the kids.   And I might devote a couple of hours to blog reading too.

I don't know if Steve and Bex have any plans today or not.  But we do tend to do our own things on the weekends now. 

It's good for Steve and Bex to have some of their own 'family' time.


Well... seems no one feels like doing much today... everyone is in the lounge watching some silly tv programme called 'Ridiculousness'... about idiotic things people do!
They are all laughing hysterically, so I might just join them.

I asked Bex to take a photo of me... to show you all my 'problem'.... I'm a size 14-16 on the bottom, but STILL a size 20 on the top.  And it's driving me nuts.

But this is what happened when she tried to take my photo:

ABOVE:  I think this is called being 'Photo bombed'?  

ABOVE:  BOYS ... grrrrr!  So anyway... there is me problem.  BOOBS.
They just won't go away!  Anyone know a way (apart from surgery) to make them shrink???
And yes, the pants are too long for me.  I'm short, 5' 4" last time I looked.

Some people need to realise that I mean what I say.


KAREN:  no, I didn't throw his school bag out... just old books etc on the floor. 

Well we have had a really lovely evening.  We all sat in the lounge, lights out, watching a movie together.  It was 'Pitch Perfect' and I do believe we all enjoyed it... even Master Dante!

End of Day:  well we had a lovely day... here's hoping tomorrow is the same.
nite nite


  1. Lol poor Dante that's so funny. Have a good day

  2. Awww! I didn't see a huge difference, but Dante sure did!

  3. You need a decent bra!! A good bra can make you look much smaller (so says me who had a reduction.. hehe)

  4. LOL @ being photo bombed! Love the look you are giving Stew in that first one!!
    I can relate to the shortness problem! Such a pain in the butt!
    You are looking great though!
    LOL @ Dante not liking Steve's new haircut! Hopefully he is ok today.
    And oooops to Griffin not listening to you - perhaps next time he will! Was that his school bag that went out?

  5. Lol I always get a giggle from DietCokeRocks! You look awesome Chris!

  6. ya looking good....

    ohh and I used to the same with my kids.."pick it up, put it away, or I throw it out!!"

  7. Loved Pitch Perfect. And you're looking as gorgeous as ever!

  8. They do say babies/kids cry if you have a haircut OR dye your hair, I got my hair coloured and permed SAMUEL had a major hissy!!! until feeding time when OH I need those boobies. ( as a baby ), the look you are giving stew needs no interpretation... I did the don't pick up RUBBISH BAG, and wouldn't ya know rubbish truck was coming and in it went 2 of his favourite TOYS CRUNCHED and MUNCHED in front of a bawling child NEVER EVER did he not pick up and put away when I asked! Also did it to a pair of LOW slung first pair BLACK jeans that he had saved for at 13 " I says if you continue to wear then down around your arse, I will cut them up!", 3 times I asked on 4th time I whipped them off cut through the crotch legs and up the front and back! took 2 years to pluck up the courage and save for new ones at $140 NEVER EVER did that again either ( cause I SAID) "If you go in your room hrmmmmmpf slam a door or swear I WILL cut up all your other clothes END OF! mean eh!

  9. Throwing things out the window is so empowering!

    You look great in the pic - I have the boob issue too and am only 5 feet so I sympathize.


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