Thursday, August 15, 2013


Dante loves music... and thanks to me ... he's being introduced to all sorts!
I sit him on me knee and stick the headphones on him and he just loves to sit and listen and watch the singers.

So bloody cute.  Love this wee man soooooo  much.

ABOVE: see?  Oh... and a smile almost too.

Today I am not going to Hospice.  I am helping Lacy with getting things sorted,  ready for her move.  Hopefully by the end of the day we will have a concrete plan for when she can move.

Fingers crossed it will be in a few days or even less.

Did I mention she has been given a 3 bedroom home?  Well... she has and it is going to benefit US too.


We can put all Steve and Bex's stuff in that extra bedroom, so we can stop paying for storage every month.  SCORE!  That is going to be so good.

The movie last night, 'The Heat'... Hysterical.  We both loved it.  I am going to get it on DVD as soon as it comes out.  So want to see it again.  

Right... I'm off to make the lunches, all the usual morning stuff... and wait for Lacy to ring with news on when she can move.  AND I hope to take her over there sometime today to at least have a look at the house, surrounding areas and maybe her NEW neighbours too... and hopefully NONE of them are wearing gang patches!  In that area, somehow I doubt it!  *smiles*


In light of keeping Teddy's diet free of anything artificial, I'm now cooking a huge pot of mince and vegetable stew for both dogs.  I hope they like it.
And they will only get it in the morning, and have access to best quality dog kibble at night.  Let's see if that helps... should have done it sooner... *sigh*.  Feeling like a bad dog Mum right not.

Finished the dog food.  It cost me about $20 to make enough food to last the dogs 10 days.  THAT is pretty good eh?

Lacy is now sitting in Work & Income waiting to be seen ... she has to get the house bond transferred from her present house to the new one.  It could take HOURS ... so I might end up going and getting Keera so she's not getting upset.

BELLA:  please don't worry.  I have the volume on very, very low when Dante has the earphones on.   

It has been a long day.  I picked up Lacy and Keera and we went and got the paperwork sorted with Housing New Zealand... they gave us the keys to her new home so we could go and have a look at it.

It is LOVELY. Similar in design to her present house, but nicer.
It has NEW CARPET throughout the lounge/hallway and the three bedrooms!  AND new paintwork.  AND it has a bloody conservatory!  OK... it's more of a covered deck,  but still... she can use it as another room and get all her washing dry in it too.  It is secure and has three sets of louver windows.

Lacy is so very happy.   LUCKY GIRL. 

As the day has worn on I've started feeling pretty ikkk with a headache, so I'm now going to lie down for a little while and hopefully it will go.

 ABOVE:  checking out the garden.  There's roses that will have to come out, not safe for Miss Muppet.  

ABOVE:  the kitchen is smaller, but still very nice.  All new paintwork in the cupboards, so nice and clean.

ABOVE:  in the lounge.  You can see how much light comes in from the conservatory area... and the warmth from it comes inside too.  
New carpet smell... mmmm nice.
There are no curtains in the lounge but Lacy's Housing Manager is going to get new ones installed!

Wow, we didn't have to get them this time.  I like that.

All the curtains she doesn't need from her old house will come back to me.  I can use a couple of them here somewhere.... especially the lovely yellow flower roman blind and french door curtains.  I like them.

Tomorrow is going to be busy.  I imagine we will make a start on moving her stuff over to the new house.
Stew has tomorrow off work... it was supposed to be our 'date day'... but we can do that another day.  Moving Lacy is more important.

End of Day:  I slowly but surely got a nasty headache by late afternoon, so tried to just chill out this evening.
Not really helping, so an early night to bed for me.
nite nite


  1. Ooooo, I wanna see that movie! It's Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy right?
    Congrats to Lacy :)

  2. So exciting about Lacey's new house! I know your very careful in taking care of Dante but please think twice about the headphones. His could expierence damage to his hearing. I'm sure you've already reaearhed this.

  3. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Epic Epic EPIC...I Can't wait to start the day...8:04am....Come on 9am hehe
    Lacy and Keera Xo

  4. Gee they don't muck around with moving house eh, I suppose she wouldn't have to give notice. Those earmuffs look so cute on Dante. Could Lacy get a student in? to help with costs? or a boarder/flatmate.

  5. I knew you would be doing what's best for Dante! I'm a worry wort. Hugs...

  6. Both my kids were exposed to a pretty ecclectic range of music from a very young age & now both love all sorts.

    Hope Lacy doesn't have to wait too long at WINZ.

  7. Anonymous4:25 PM

    thats awesome news re house for lacy and keera happy moving :)

  8. Lorraine H4:25 PM

    Lacy & Keera's new house looks really nice & cosy.Especially with the sun streaming into the lounge.
    Good luck to you Lacy in your new home.

    Chris you can't wipe the smile off your face as you are all happy for her.

    Southgirl x

  9. Yay! The new house looks fabulous! Sounds like she has a great housing Manager too. Do the roses really need to come out or could a wee temporary fence be put around them? They are so pretty :) Just wondering :)

  10. We always had roses, no one ever got hurt by them ;) Worry wort grandma ;)


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