Thursday, August 01, 2013


Up VERY early today... I'm taking Mum and Ron out to the airport.
They have to book in 2 hrs before their flight.  So we have to be there by 4 am!
Freakin hell... I'm going to be tired later on today.

Once they are safely dropped off I'm coming home and hopefully catching a couple of hours sleep before I have to get up again and make the kids lunches.

THEN... I'm on duty at the Hospice shop this morning too.  The manager, Deb, asked me to do mornings on Thursdays from now on as she's lost her morning volunteer.  I said "fine by me".  So, I'll be getting home around 1.30 today.

And yikes!  Just remembered I've got a Doctor's appointment at 1.15 too!  Bugger, going to be tight fitting that in.  

It's me 3 monthly health review.  I wonder how my blood test results are?  I HOPE THEY ARE STILL GOOD.

Right... here's a few more photos from yesterday:

ABOVE: this is my favorite photo from lunch yesterday.

And here's a few collage groups:

 ABOVE:  The girls.  Over trying to 'hide' Keera.  So she's back on.

 ABOVE:  I love doing collages!

 ABOVE: How adorable is this ?  Dante loved his Great Grandma!

ABOVE:  He thinks he's 'ALL THAT"!  
Yes Steve, you are lovely.


DEE:   I shall post some photos of mug rugs later on today, then you can choose one.  Send me an email of your address.... 

Right:  Hospice Shop was busy one moment and quiet the next... on a whole.. enjoyed being there.
FOUND. MORE. TREASURE.  ... but can't show ya right now cos...

I got a phone call from the school... Griffin hurt his really sore toe again.  Somebody stood on it.  *sigh*... so I'm taking him to the Dr's, so it can be looked at.  It's a mess.

Doctor's visit for me:  EXCELLENT NEWS.
My metformin dose has been dropped DRASTICALLY... because my ONWARD FOR LIFE PLAN is working rather well!   

Blood pressure was a bit higher today... but I was rushing around, trying to get up to school to get Griffin.

CHOLESTEROL:  sky high and rocketing.  I'm MUST start taking the medication to help lower it.  I've done all I can 'diet' wise to get it under control, but it hasn't worked.

Now I have about 30 minutes 'rest' before taking Griffin to the Dr about his bloody toe.

The damn toe is infected, so Griffin is on antibiotics... that have to be taken on an empty stomach.  Feck, can't think of when that kid's stomach is ever empty!
And they have to be taken 4 times a day.  THAT is going to a nightmare.  

 ABOVE: lots of buttons... some are lovely.

ABOVE: lots of clothes for Brylee, a couple of fine knit jumpers for me, a lovely warm woolen blanket and some cute little bowls. 

I swear, the Hospice Shop is a dangerous place for me!  And I work there twice a week.  *sigh*  I just can't pass a bargin. 

End of Day:  and I've tired.  I will be having an early night tonight.
nite nite


  1. OMG!!!!! Keera is adorable! She's changed since the last time I saw her...which I don't think was too long ago. Adorable babies as always and so nice to spend quality time with family. You are one busy lady! Good luck with your 3 month health review:)

  2. Great shots! Looks like you had a great time. I feel so out of the loop with my blogging friends because of how crazy this summer has been. Sounds like you have a really busy day ahead of you! All the best.

  3. Oh that one of Dante with his hand on her chin - gorgeous!!!!!!


  4. I hope your check up went wonderful!! I am sure it did, with all the good progress you are making!!
    The pictures are great. That one with Dante's hand on his Great Grandma's chin is the greatest! It's needed to be in a frame and on her wall!!
    I sure was hoping to win a mug rug..Maybe next time!! I think they are so cute! Everything you make is great!!

    God Bless~

  5. Sounds like a busy day!
    Here we have to be 3 hours early...
    Is it Friday there yet?
    Great photos!

    hentypes 10

  6. Lovely lovely photos. Dante with great grandma is adorable.
    How nice to have so many guests come and visit.
    Hope you get an easy day after your early start.

  7. Anonymous12:51 PM

    OOhhh Miss Muppet has grown so much! She is definatly a little cutie. Bee - Gold Coast -

  8. Lovely photos of everyone and especially Dante and Grand Nana glad the day went well, bet you be tired tonight hope you chucked dinner on in crockpot we have casserole butter beef( yes I used butter chicken sauce) for my beef I had run out of my normal sauce so just improvised!!!

  9. Love all the pics. You do such a great job putting them together. :)

  10. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Hope griffin toe ok it looked bloody sore b4 someone stood on it
    Bugger about your cholesterol but good news about metformEn

  11. That Keera is precious! Glad you are sharing her pic with us again.
    Hope Griffin's toe gets better,it looks painful!

  12. Poor Griffin-- A sore toe is no fun. I hope he gets some relief soon.

    Congrats on your results and forward movement in your Onward For Life Plan. Now if that pesky cholesterol would just come down.

    xo jj

  13. Ooh buttons, lovely buttons lol.

  14. Good results from your tests overall. Your plan is working!

    Poor Griffin, hope his toe feels better soon.

  15. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Love the photos of Dante - I want his jumper!!

  16. Excellent on getting the metformin reduced! Blood pressure and cholesterol are problems for me as well. Oh n o on Griffin's toe!!

  17. Great pics! Love the buttons! Poor Griffin!

    A friend of mine was able to lower his choleterol by being super careful of his diet (like tons of veggies) and a lot of exercise but it's a lot of work!


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