Monday, August 19, 2013


As I mentioned yesterday, something really interesting happened when Steve and I went over to Lacy's old house to do the final clean, (sunday afternoon).

I will bullet it:

  •  We arrived to find the that someone had smashed the toilet window and twisted the frame trying to get into the house ... there was glass everywhere.
  • So, Steve went inside to make sure the house was safe, while I stayed outside.
  • There was no one inside, so I went inside and up the hallway and started taking picture hooks off the walls.  
  • I saw 2 Policemen in a police car stop outside the house.  So I went out and talked to them.  They had been rung about a break in, by someone two doors up.
  • I showed them the smashed window, and they said they would come back in a minute to talk to me.
  • They went up the road to the house next door.  
  • Then a few minutes later 4 Policemen came down the driveway and said it was Lacy's house that had been reported as broken into.
  • They said they would take a look around the 'perimeter' ... so 3 of them went around the back of the house, and one of them went to the front door and talked to Steve.
  • I was still in the carport by our car.
  • I decided to open the little shed at the back of the carport to see how much rubbish we needed to move to the road.
  • I opened the door and felt some resistance?Then I saw a sneaker moving really fast, getting behind the door!
  • So in an instant I thought ... OMG, someone is in the shed!
  • And I started screaming "HELP HELP, THERE'S A GUY IN THE SHED" !!!  REALLY LOUDLY... as only a screaming woman can.
  • Next second there's 4 cops and Steve all rushing to my aid.
  • The cops took over then, and Steve pulled me away from the carport.
  • The cops were yelling "Come out! Come out! Get down, get down!"  It was really scary!
  • But... the bugger wouldn't come out, so the cops went in and hauled out not ONE, but TWO men, and threw them on the ground.
  • One of them started to cry (he was only 16) and begging the cops not to beat him up!
  • The other guy was pushed onto our car's bonnet!  Then on the ground.
  • Meanwhile, I got the shakes... as any woman would, who had just found two burglars!
  • The Police then arrested them, read them their rights (just like on the TV!) and hauled them away.
  • After the guys were in the Police car two Policemen came back and took my statement and hopefully that is the end of that!

I took photos as it all unfolded in front of me.... surely the sign of a true blogger!  *smiles*
I can't believe I even thought to do it... I was so shocked by it all!

But, all's well that ends well... thank god no one was hurt, and Lacy and Keera were not still there.

NOW... back to 'normal' transmissions.  Today I'm returning the keys of Lacy's old house to Housing New Zealand, then Bex, Dante and I are taking Miss Keera back to her Mum.  In her NEW, and much SAFER home.

FREEDOM & DONNA:  how did you 'reply' to the comment left from (Anonymous): Bec yesterday?  I didn't know anyone could 'reply' to a comment left on my blog!  It's got me intrigued for sure.


BEC and DONNA:  when I bring up the comment box I don't see a 'reply' button ANYWHERE!  Either I'm dense, or ???

Bex and I are off now to return keys to housing, then return Keera to her Mum...

Right, baby Keera has been returned to her Mum... and Bex, Dante and I are home again.  It's lunchtime, so I'm gunna eat some food then have a nap!
I'm like.... TIRED.

LYNDA:  Thank you, that fixed it for me.  I can now see the  'Reply' option.  I don't think I will be leaving 'REPLY Comments' very often... I'm busy enough just keeping the updates going throughout the day.
And I often leave a 'REPLY' on my blog... as I am doing right now to you.

TRACY:  funny eh?  One guy was 16, the other was way bigger and he was 19.  No doubt they will get a slap on the hand and that's it.  *sigh* ... Little shits.

BLONDIE:  nope, I hardly EVER drink now days... so no stiff drink for me.  I was only really scared/alarmed when I opened the door and saw that moving sneaker!  I slammed that door shut ruddy fast I can tell you!  

I kept thinking what a stupid thing for me to do! The police should have checked the shed before me... it was such an obvious place for any burglar to hide, IF they were still on the premises.  DOH!

End of Day:  a 'quiet' day almost.
Stew and I did the grocery shopping after dinner, and for once the supermarket was not crowded at all.  And we came in on budget for a change.
Time to relax now... watch some mindless TV and then off to bed.
nite nite


  1. OMG!!!! Holy Shit Chris!!! That would have been so so scary!!! I got the shits just reading about it let alone being there in person and being the person that found the guys in the shed!! Just so pleased that you and Steve are ok and also that Lacy and Miss Keera weren't there and are now safe in their new home!!!
    Hope you have a quieter day today *hugs*

  2. OMG Chris - WOW!
    I am glad you are ok and that Lacy and Keera weren't there.
    And love that you got to document it all for us followers of your wonderful blog!

  3. Omg what an exciting life u lead chris glad the scumbags got caught. As to the replying to the post there was a lil reply button at the bottom of the post lol. Have a good morning taking Keera to her safe home :)

  4. OMG scary-good the police were there when you opened (or tried to) the shed. Glad you and Steve are OK-yes and a true blogger to take photos.
    Hope today is a little less dramatic!!

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Gosh Chris, sounds exciting but scary. Thank goodness no one was living there. Re the comments after each person comments there is a reply button you can click to comment on another persons comment. Glad you are all safe and ok, Bec

  6. Crazy story! Holy cow! I am so glad you are safe, was this Lacy and Keera's OLD EMPTY apartment? Why would anyone break into an empty apartment and then hide in the shed instead of getting out of there! And YOU found them! Yikes. Glad you were not afraid to scream loudly! That's amazing. And the day after your loved ones moved out! Whew!

    BTW, I don't see any reply buttons to comments.

  7. Chris, I would have been petrified. Thank goodness the Police had been called. Stupid idiots. Why would they break into an empty house? Maybe they were going to do the cleaning for you ? Yeah right!

  8. Chris - to enable "replies" go to Settings - posts and comments - then under comment location click "enabled". Maybe you did this and then turned it off again? I like being able to reply to comments :)

  9. Did I type "enabled" - I meant "embedded" under comment location.

    1. Hey Chris you don't have to have the reply option on if you like replying via the blog - I just thought I'd let you know how it's done :) Mind you, now we can reply to other people's comments as well !!

  10. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Epic My Ma....The crime buster....
    Like A Boss....BOOM

  11. Wow, that's some experience! I can't believe you caught the burglars! Glad everyone is safe though!

  12. Wow, I'm glad that all ended well. It is a good thing the police were still there. I love that you took pics of the whole thing.

  13. Chris, I don't see a reply button anywhere in the comments section either. Maybe its different browsers ?

    Good thing you kept your wits about you at Lacys, I don't think I would have.
    She must have had at least one decent neighbour there if the took the time to rings the police about a break in.

  14. OMG !!! Scary !! Glad all is okay.

  15. That is really scary! The little shits would have seen that it was being moved out of and figured it was easy pickings, you would be amazed how often houses get broken into with a day of being vacated. They steal anything left including hot water cylinders.

    I did get the giggles with a vision of you standing outside the shed door screaming like a mad woman & some petrified scrawny kid cowering inside praying you wouldn't come and get him :-)

    Since they are kids, no doubt nothing will happen to them short of a telling off.

  16. Would ya look at that... I followed Lynda's advice and now I can reply to your comments HERE if I want to. Probably won't do it too often as keeping my blog updated throughout the day is enough for me! I'm too busy to reply to every comment!

    1. Haha... but every now and then there will be one you will want to reply to (or other readers) ... you know the sort !!

  17. I can't believe this, how horrible! Weren't YOU petrified that these thugs had guns? One second, all it takes. Glad Keera esp. is out of there.

  18. Never a dull moment when you're around! Glad everyone is safe.

  19. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Yep the whole comments thing is different - although I haven't been able to leave any comments for ages - it keeps kicking me off. I don't like the reply thingy myself...but then I am not a blog owner so it doesn't matter!!



  20. HOLY what a scare and thank god you're ok, lil shytes! THAT'S a story to be retold over and over! eh Bet you had a stiff drink I know I would have.

  21. Gosh Chris ... you get all the excitement! Lol - I love how you still managed to take photos through it all. Glad the cops got the little buggers and that you guys weren't hurt in the process. Hopefully the rest of your week has a little less excitement in it!

  22. It all happens in your neck of the woods . I seem to live such a dull life but I'm Happy

  23. Wow! Glad everyone is alright! Never a dull moment huh?


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