Sunday, August 18, 2013


We got a new dishwasher in December, and the old one got put around the back, waiting for the Inorganic Rubbish Collection that happens once a year.

I decided to hold onto the racks.  So I put them by the back door.

Stew saw them and just didn't 'get' why I wanted them?

I knew I would find a purpose for them eventually:

ABOVE:  Sorted.  Useful?  Yep you bet they are.

And nope... NO hoarding involved.

I mentioned last night that I had finally found some time to do some sewing.  I shall now show you what I made... BUT not before explaining why I made them!

We have two cupboards in our hallway.  One has a single door and the other is a double sliding door.

Every time I ask one of the kids to put something away or get something out of one of those two cupboards, I have to expain, in long, annoying detail WHICH cupboard I am talking about.

It drives me mental because no matter how much detail I give them, they invariably open the WRONG BLOODY CUPBOARD! 


So, I think I've solved the problem now.

I have made labels for the freakin' doors:

ABOVE:  the single door cupboard is now 'That One'.

ABOVE:  And the two door cupboard is now 'The Other One'. (This sign has to go on the wall beside the doors, as the doors slide into the wall cavity).

Do. You. Think. They. Will. Still. Get. It. Wrong?

Today?  Get Lacy's previous house all clean and tidy, then go over to her new place to help get it all organised.
Get the beds made, linen away etc etc.

Hopefully by tonight they will be living there.

Then we can sit back and relax.  Before we go and get the groceries.

Anyone want my headache?


Hi!  So I've been busy with Lacy today.  We went over to her previous house and finished cleaning and packing, then we went over to her new house.

Lacy put the cot and her bed up, while I hung all the net again.  So lucky, the net fits all the windows almost perfectly.  I only had to make one curtain wire longer.

I have left Lacy there to have a sleep, then she can work on getting everything put away and placed in the right place.
We shall keep Keera with us until tomorrow... when I will return her to her mother.

Here's a few photos of the chaos at Lacy's home:

 ABOVE:  dining area.

ABOVE:  the lounge... chaos everywhere!

 ABOVE:  Keera's room.  The spare single bed will go on the right.

ABOVE:  Lacy's room.  It's quite a bit bigger than her old one.  

There is so much for her to do yet, but I'm sure once she has recharged her batteries she will crack on with it.


  1. Love the door signs that you made and yeap the kids will probably still get wrong... LOL
    Hope Lacy and Kerra are settled into their new home by this evening so you can all just relax!
    Love the idea for the dishwasher racks - fabulous thinking there!!!
    Oh I am going to be up your way in Feb next year so am hoping to be able to come and catch up if you are going to be around :)

  2. No wonder your head has been thinking hard, both figuring out such a good use for the dishwasher racks and then thinking up those signs for the doors. Even if they don't work, they are cute and will be a good conversation piece. :)

  3. Those dishracks are the neatest idea, well recycled. I love the door signs hopefully they will get it. A day cleaning and sorting and unpacking BOY come Monday you will need a rest! oh and a crockpot dinner tonight! or something equally easy...

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Hi Chris - you do not have to publish this if you prefer not to. I have been reading your blog for a long time. Friday just gone Stew took the day off to relax and you had plans. Those plans got put aside to again help your kids out, this is what makes you wonderful parents and good people. My point is last week one of your kids who you dropped everything to help made you so sad. This made me sad as I don't want to see you hurt. Despite all this you still dropped everything and made your three day weekend about helping others. I just want to know that Lacy appreciates you and is not going to put you through whatever it was last week that hurt you. Chris when I look at you as a Mum that is how I want to be with my kids, there are all so lucky! Part of me though in Australia has become protective of you, I want you to be appreciated and not taken advantage of. Bec

    1. I agree with everything Bec hassaid and more u r an amazing gal Chris luv ya xxx

    2. Me too I agree with the above :)

  5. Brilliant use of the dish racks. Recycling at its best.

  6. Great use of the dish washer rackes!
    Love the signs

  7. Looks like Lacey has got quite a bit of work ahead of her sorting things out but am sure it won't take her to long once she gets going.
    New house looks fabulous.
    Oh tomorrow's story sounds interesting - hope it is posted early so I can read it before going to work! LOL

  8. Love the signs for the doors bright n happy. Glad lacy is all moved in now you can rest up chris :)

  9. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Well said Bec. Couldn't agree more.

  10. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Good luck in your new home Lacey and Keera.

    Joan xx
    Manchester in the UK.


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