Friday, August 16, 2013


Well.. it will probably take us a couple of days to get Lacy and Keera all moved over to their new home.

It is supposed to really piss down with rain today, and even heavier this afternoon, so Stew and Lacy will probably only move lots of small things to the new house today.

We will leave the bigger things until tomorrow, when we hire a trailer to take all the heavy things over.

Once Lacy is all moved in and settled we will then look at getting all Bex and Steve's stuff taken over there too.  A lot of it will fit in Lacy's carport storage shed... which is great!

Then we won't be paying ANYTHING for storage... that is awesome! We have already paid over $1,000 for storage this year.

Now, while Stew and Lacy are doing moving stuff, I will be taking Miss Keera to her Dr's appointment at the Super Clinic.  It's a check up on her  hemangioma... *Google it* if you don't know what it is.   

It hasn't grown much lately, so fingers crossed it will do what most do and disappear on it's own.

I don't plan on doing much myself today except look after Keera.  And relax for a while.  The last few days have been a bit busy, out and about and not much time at home.

Sewing?  Ha!  Can't see me getting any done for days on end.
Reading blogs?  Ha!  Same problem.  

Bex is a bit under the weather too... so a quiet day for us girls and the babies.


* SQUEALS*... Coco has just come into 'season'... so in 10 days we shall have Mac visit to do his bit and then we wait!

OMG I'm so excited.  Which is silly cos it's not our first time ... but I've still got this silly smile on me face!


Keera's hemangioma is slowly shrinking by the look of it.  The Drs are very happy with it and will check her again when she is 2.

Home, Keera is sound asleep, Dante is up... and we await Stew and Lacy with lunch hopefully.  

I have done the math, and going by my calculations our next family of puppies should arrive around October 23/24th, and ready for new homes at CHRISTMAS TIME.
How cool is that???

DATE to put in your diary if you want a puppy: 12th December.  They will be 8 weeks old then.

Can you believe I am that clever I can calculate WHEN they will be ready to leave home, and they are not even conceived yet!!!

End of Day:  well we did nothing that we had planned for Stew's day off.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend moving Lacy is over and life can get back to 'normal' around here.
nite nite


  1. Yay, more puppies! Moving! Whee! lol You are ALWAYS busy! GL to Lacy and Keera at their new place!

  2. We were supposed to get rain all day hasn't arrived yet but is COLD as! Good saving on the storage costs. Awwww some lucky people will be getting puppy fluff presents for xmas .....

  3. Yay, lots more puppy pictures.

  4. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Wow, you're so clever!!


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