Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Today is going to be a bit busier than yesterday.

First up:  taking Teddy to the Vet as his ears are playing up again.  He obviously has some sort of on-going ear infection.  He has had sore ears, runny ears for months and months.

The last time we took him to the Vet we were given some drops for his ears... but I don't think that has helped him at all.

He is NOT a HAPPY boy.  And seriously, he stinks.  As in emits this smell... that is coming from his ears.  Not nice for him... or anyone else for that matter.

So, hopefully the Vet can give him some antibiotics AND drops to try and clear up his ear problems.


So, once I've got the kids off to school I shall be taking him to the Vet.  Then home to get ready to leave for a funeral in Ngaruawahia.  
Stew is going to work first thing as he has an important meeting to attend.
He should be home by about 11.30, giving us just enough time to get to the church in time.

I don't know how long we will be away, but at least we don't have to hurry home.  Bex is our live-in babysitter, as we are for them with Dante.

It works well and I am so thankful for her help.

There could be some good news for Lacy today too.  Fingers crossed for a new home for her and Keera... away from the 'not so nice' area she is in right now.
Sadly, although her present house looked GREAT at first, the area and neighbours have not been a good 'fit' for Lacy and Keera.

So... keeping our hopes up for a good phone call for her.

Lastly before I go, here's the latest accomplishments from Steve and Bex's crocheting :

ABOVE:  we have balls... and a little owl... well once it has it's eyes it will look like an owl!
They are learning really fast!

Right.  That is about it for now.
I should be able to pop back on once I get home from the Vets.  
I hope they can help Teddy.


Update on Teddy:  he is on new ear drops for 10 days.  His ear infections are most likely related to his allergies, and the fact that he has long hair growing INSIDE his ear canal!
So, if the ear drops don't work, he is tentatively booked in for a little ear operation under sedation to clean out his ear canals and remove all hair/build up of wax etc.

It is likely he will never be ear infection free though.  Sad. 

Chewing me nails... waiting for news from Lacy about a new home.  .... waiting.... waiting...

NEWS!!!  Lacy got the house she wanted, it's in an awesome area and we are just so happy for her and Keera.  She is going from an area that is not the best to one of the most desirable places to live in South/East Auckland!!!  Lucky bitch.  I wouldn't mind living there either!

At the moment Lacy lives about 8 minutes away from us.  Once she moves she will be about 20-25 minutes away... so a bit further, but still in the same city.

4.45 pm and we are home safe.  The funeral was nice!   It was lovely to see so many friends from my 'Hamilton' days.  And of course my dear friend Frieda.
She has now buried 2 husbands,  and her Brother-in-Law/Companion Harold today.  She has decided that's 'it' for her and men!   I don't blame her.

It was weird arriving and seeing the same Undertaker who buried my Grandmother, my brother Vern AND my Dad too!

So, we had a catch up, which was strangely nice!

His company, Twentymans, has new hearses and he had one at Harold's funeral.  It was so NICE!  I know I'm a bit weird liking a hearse, but see for yourself:

It'a pretty cool... a Vintage '39 Chevy.  NICE.
They also have a stretch Holden Ute... now that sounds like MY SORTA hearse!

ABOVE:  I just had to 'pose'  with the car.... like I do.  Today was the first time I've worn my long woolen coat too... it fits!  It was bloody cold in Ngaruawahia.  Brrrr....

ABOVE:  it wasn't until I uploaded this photo that I realised what the sign said in the background!  
If you are anything like me, you will get it... I laughed out load.  *snort*

Those baggy tights have got to go too... ikkk.

Stew and I are off to the movies tonight, we want to see 'The Heat' and tonight is the last night it's on at the cinemas.  So... that's me for now...


  1. The balls look great :snicker: that sounds bad lol

  2. Lets hope Lacy appreciates her new house & none of the neighbours piss her off.

  3. Ha neat little crotchet balls at first I thought the owl shape was a chicken side on!
    Would they have to always trim the ear hair? or a sucky syringe thing? Poor Teddy. Fantastic news for Lacy and Keera lucky her.

  4. Great news for Lacy! How far away will she be from you?

  5. Great news for Lacy. At least she won't be moving too far away.

    Not so good for Teddy, though. Hopefully he will improve quickly.


  6. Poor Teddy, what a pain for him and you to have to deal with those ear problems.
    Congrats to Lacy....I hope it all works out as well as she is hoping.

  7. Poor puppy. Congrats to Lacy and Keera! :)

  8. Great news for Lacy and Keera!!! Fantastic.

  9. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Tracy, I Did appreciate my neighbours and house at first, but one can only handle so much from your surroundings.
    Not a nice area + not nice neighbours,it was a roof over me and Keera's head when we needed one..
    I am grateful, but I want better for my daughter.

  10. That's great news for Lacy and Keera and they are still not too far away from you guys.

  11. Lorraine H5:35 PM

    d alttle chuckle when I read the sign above the photo of the Hearse.I bet they never thought about it when they parked there.

    Southgirl x

  12. Poor Teddy hope the new drops work.
    Congrats to Lacy. Hope she enjoys the new area and at least not too far away.
    That sign did make me laugh. Great hearse.
    Enjoy the movies.

  13. Yay for a new home in a better area for Lacey and Keera!! So pleased for them!
    LOL @ the sign above the hearse :) You are looking great.
    Hope you enjoy your date night with your gorgeous husband!

  14. I saw The Heat some time ago. Hope you enjoyed it. For me, the movie sucked. I only laughed once - at the albino joke. I'm such a fan of both Sandra and Melissa so was very disappointed. They are capable of so much better stuff. I blame the script and the direction.

  15. That was a good movie! cool car, and great for Lacy!

  16. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Pity, that!


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