Sunday, August 11, 2013


I got out of bed at 10 am...when Steve came down and plonked his baby in my bed!
I wasn't asleep... it's impossible to sleep when you can hear all that is going on up in the kitchen/family room and lounge.


She is such a naughty girl.
She sat on the other side of the garage door and SNIFFED, and SNIFFED... and then proceeded to scratch the door.... she wanted us up!

So Stew got up at around 9.30 and then she stopped cos she had what she wanted.  Breakfast.

Today ... we again have no plans.  It's a wet day, so going for a walk is not gunna happen.
If no one has any plans I am going to do some sewing. 

So.... it's utterly boring here... go read someone else's blog.


Things don't feel 'right' in my head right now.  I am waiting for a HUGE Apology... but it looks like someone has no intention of giving it... so I move on.  


I will never understand some of my family. What did I ever do wrong to deserve so much FUCKING SHIT.

Oh I Know...  I let them walk all over me and my feelings.
I must harden up and accept that some people will never change, and will never ever treat me with love and respect.
And I am going to be fine with that, one day.

Well, as anticipated... it's being a quiet day.
Stew has taken the kids for a trip to the mall, and I have opted to stay home.
Steve and Bex... well they are doing something I never anticipated seeing them do!

 ABOVE:  they are following a crochet tutorial on the internet... and trying to learn how to crochet!

ABOVE: this is a very stange photo.   I NEVER in a million years thought I would see the day one of my sons took up crochet!  It's like... WEIRD.

I can crochet a little, but it's been over 20 years since I took up a crochet hook.  And I'm not tempted to either.  I hope they can learn it on their own.

I'm off to have a nap.  I'm tired. 

WELL... I didn't have a nap afterall.   I started listening to music on YouTube.

BLONDIE:  I would have to disagree with your comment : "People can only hurt us IF WE allow them to". 
We do not go around in our daily lives thinking like that.  I do not 'ALLOW' anyone to hurt me, there is NOTHING you can do if a person CHOOSES to hurt you. 

The only way to avoid anyone hurting you would be if you locked yourself in your home and never allowed anyone in, and never went out either.


End of Day:  a rotten day really. 
nite nite


  1. Hang in'll work itself out.

  2. *hugs* Chris and I hope things sort themselves out and that you get the apology that you are waiting for....
    Have a great day.

  3. Oh Chris. You will never be fine with it because you would never treat others that way. And your heart is big and your love for your kids means you will keep on taking what they dish out! But yes you need to steel yourself if you can against the hurt. Big hugs. Xx

  4. Dearest Bec and Steve, Aunty is NOT cracking up here. The sheer look of concentration on your faces is just PRECIOUS. Some of the best designers of crotchet patterns are men didya know. I'll showya a few pointers when I seez ya. Chill all. Have a good nite
    Love Aunty Sis and Shiloh

  5. I can crochet!! I even made lots of things back in the day (when it was in fashion). I made doilies and all kinds.

    About the family member? It's just sad. Sad for you and one day they'll know it is sad for them too.

  6. Awesome to see Bex and Steve learning to crochet, I am learning too, and absolutely love this new found craft. I'm happy to let Bex know some good online tutorials for learning more :)

  7. I can crochet too!! I make baby hats and toys and sell them at markets. Crochet is very additictive!
    This tutorial is really good.

  8. I can't crotchet ,knit or sew!!!! lol I would be no good in your house OH but I can cook?! People can only hurt us IF WE allow them to.

  9. Good on Bex & Steve. If the building gig doesn't work out, Steve has another skill he can use :-)

  10. Crochet is all in fashion again. Have a look at my friend Stufen. . . . Blog. Martina and her friends are swapping crochet granny squares. I love crochet, grows so fast and you can manipulate your work easily. Hope the kids can work it out.

  11. The pics of Bex and Steve are priceless. I look forward to seeing what they create.
    You are definitely due for some time free of emotional drama. I hope things will resolve soon and well.

  12. I think what Blondie meant, Chris, was that it's up to us to not let people's words and actions affect us. That's what she meant by people only hurt us when we allow them. We cannot control other's actions but we can control how we react to them. We have to choose not to let them affect us. Others can do what they like, we can choose not to take it on board.



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