Saturday, August 31, 2013


I've been internally debating with myself in the past couple of days.

I CAN get my new camera NOW... if I want to.
BUT... I will end up paying 4-5 months worth of interest on a rather large sum of money.

OR ... I can WAIT for a few months and pay cash.

It has been a hard decision, as I am a VERY IMPULSIVE person, and when I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW.

BUT... I am learning to listen to the little seeds of doubt that just spring into me head, and finally I am learning to listen to them.

So... I am going to wait.  The New 'WHIZZ BANG, AMAZING CANON 70D... will be mine.  By Christmas all going well.

I am rather proud of myself.  It's only taken almost 55 years to finally stop being an impulsive person!
Not bad eh?


I took a few photos of Dante and I last night, and came up with this little collage:

ABOVE:  I am really loving using PICASA now!
There is so much one can do compared to using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Right... time to go and see what the day brings.  Steve, Bex and Dante are doing their own thing today, heading off to Hamilton to see friends and family apparently.


PAULA: Canon has not had a new camera out in about 2 years... so the 70D is the newest one of their range.  I doubt the price will come down much for a while, but if I wait I will be a cash buyer, and "money talks, bullshit walks"!  My Dad used to say that.
And it's so true.  If you have cash, you can haggle.

TODAY:  we decided to go for a drive to Hamilton like Steve and Bex.  So we did.

We met Kelly and Rena and we all had a lovely lunch together, then we went.... umm... shopping!

HERE'S some photos of our day:

TOP LEFT: Heading down the Bombay hills into the Waikato.  TOP RIGHT:  New homes being built at Pokeno.  BOTTOM L & R:  Huntly power station and a very full Waikato River.

ABOVE:  Our gorgeous granddaughter Rena. 

 ABOVE:  Kelly and her Dad.  She gave him a Father's Day gift... of a 'Date Night' with me... dinner and a movie.  Awwww... ta Kelly, that is going to be lovely.... for both of us.

 ABOVE: I did mention 'shopping' eh?  I got a new Bread Maker and some linen.  I didn't really NEED new towels, but OMGosh, the colour is DIVINE!  I have ordered some matching hand towels and bath mats too.

Little Miss Keera has arrived for a sleep over ... so I must go and make sure the house is 'Keera Proof'!  She is crawling really, really fast now.

End of Day:  a nice evening... got Miss Muppet to bed at 9 pm and not a peep out of her, she's sound asleep.  Hopefully she stays that way till the morning!
nite nite


  1. Definately wait. It might even be on special by the time you have saved. Especially around Christmas time.

  2. Lovely photos of you and Dante that's even a wee smile there!! I see you never know with xmas specials and sales you may even get a discount on the camera shop around and barter if it's a lot of money some may have room to move to make a sale!

  3. Another one I thought Bex would like

  4. Well done on not being impulsive on the camera ... chances are the price will come down before you buy it anyway,or a newer whizz bang model will come out before Christmas :) I hope your day is going well. Love today's photos - and you're smiling - excellent! You have such a lovely smile!

  5. Good choice of bread maker same one I got makes perfect bread every time

  6. I'm an impulsive shopper and I so often find I have made a bad buy.
    Dante is gorgeous bless him

  7. great pics of Rena! You call tell she loves her Granddad!

  8. If you wait to buy the camera, by the time you're ready to buy, there will probably be a better one available.

    21 nealtang


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