Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Late last night (read 10.30 pm), I realised I had to cook up another batch of dog food because I had none to give to the dogs in the morning.

So I chuck everything into a big pot and resign myself to staying up stirring it for an hour or so.
But my clever husband said why don't I put it in the crock pot overnight, and it will be ready by morning?

So that's what we did.

 ABOVE:  all in the pot, beef, kidneys, potato, tomato and mixed veges.  No additives, no preservatives, no colouring.  Pure.  Gotta be good for them.  And they love it.  

Bex finished a darling wee Rabbit for Brylee last night too..

ABOVE:  awww, how cute is she?  Brylee will think she's gorgeous.

Today we are going to visit Lacy, then hopefully go to Howick.  I want to check out the Hospice Shop there.  I've been told it's pretty good.

So... Retail therapy again... but maybe not spending ... cos I'm not exactly flush after paying for MAC'S visit last night!  He's an expensive 'boyfriend' for Coco!

I just found out that these have finally arrived:

I hope to track one down and see for myself how good they are compared to what was already on the market.  *trying not to drool!*

Right, gotta go.  Lunches have to be made... then we are going out.


CAROL: Why thank you for liking my blog!

This morning has been  DELIGHTFUL!  Bex and I picked up Lacy and Keera and we decided to check out Howick shops.

OMG there's some lovely shops over there!  The Hospice Shop is very small, but had some lovely stuff.   I didn't buy anything there though.

At the 'top' of the shopping area is an AMAZING Antique Shop.  I told the girls to leave me there to browse while they checked out the local Thrift Shop.

About half an hour later they came back... and I had only just made it around the entire shop.  And I wanted to go around again in case I'd missed something... it is a veritable treasure trove!  So ... I had another look around, and found this:

ABOVE: a brass hook thingee.  It wasn't very expensive so I got it.
I'm really going to try hard NOT to spend any more money of stuff I really don't need, and concentrate on saving for my new camera.

Famous last words.... I'm sure.

Oh I didn't mention yet... while I was still in the Antique Shop having yet another browse, Lacy came in and grabbed me by the arm and hauled me outta there!  What a tart.

I could have spent hours in there!

So, lunchtime came around ... so we grabbed some food and went back to Lacy's so the girls could feed their babies.

Then Bex, Dante and I came home...  but not before I took a few photos!

ABOVE:  Keera is standing on her own ... but still isn't walking.

 ABOVE:  Whoops!  If it's not her scragging him, it's the other way around! We do our best to keep them apart most of the time, they have no idea they are hurting each other... YET. 

Now, Most of the time I think Lacy is a right twit... but I've got to give her 10 outta 10 for this:

ABOVE:  The oven door does not close properly, so is unsafe for Keera, and she can't bake in it.  So she solved the problem her own way.

Housing NZ will get it fixed eventually I'm sure.

Dante had been awake since 6 am!  So of course he fell asleep in the car in like, 1 minute!
Luckily when we got home Bex was able to carry him up to bed and he stayed asleep.  Awesome.

Now it's quiet time before the kids get home from school... 


  1. Oh Chris! I don't think dogs are supposed to have tomatoes. Looking forward to cute puppy pictures.


  2. Let us have your dog food recipe! Is it cheaper than buying dog food?
    Can't wait to hear the news on the new camera!

    77 songwe

  3. Gosh that dog food looks nice as and yes a clever husband you have. Love the pink rabbits perhaps Bex could do a little toy stall with rabbits. Hope you don't get wet out shopping so far we have had squally showers all over.

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Aww puppies i love puppies. Lol

  5. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Hi Chris~
    Stumbled onto your blog. I love it! It's great to see someone "keepin' it real" I look forward to you posts and seeing your sewing projects!

    Carol from USA

  6. Smart thinking Lacy with the oven door. I do recommend she takes the teatowel off the handle as little Miss could grab it and fall opening the door.

    It won't be long til Keera is walking - how exciting.

    1. Thank you Tracy, but there is absolutely no way anyone can get that oven door open without unhooking the cords first....I have tryed just to make sure.
      And yes, it wont be long till my baby girl is walking.... xo

  7. love the hanger! Keera will be walking soon I'm sure. Love the pic of Dante pulling her hair haha.

  8. Yeah go keera !!!!!! good thinking lacy on the oven saftey lol. Glad you found a treasure chris.

  9. Another pattern the Bex will LOVE

  10. Love the photo of Lacy and Keera - she's looks so close to walking. Great that Dante and Keera can grow up as friends:-) And Lacy - love your handyman work with the oven door!

  11. Lacy's so clever!! I love your pics, Chris.

  12. Love Lacy's DIY :) Mine did the same thing, bloody expensive to fix too considering it is only a spring, I was using a trailer tiedown for mine, worked much better than a chair jammed against it.


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