Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Sometimes I wish I wasn't quite so FUSSY when it comes to how things look.

My 'study' area in the lounge was bugging me... it looked too busy.  So yesterday morning I moved a few things around... and late last night (read 10.45 pm) I had to move stuff again.

Now it looks like this:

ABOVE:  I still think it looks too busy ... *sigh*.
I'm wondering if a simple 3 or 4 panel screen will be a good idea?

While you ponder that for me.... I shall show you how our 'crochet people' are doing:

ABOVE:  the thingee on the left has to get another arm yet, and on the right is a black/tan thingee that is getting big white felt eyes and mouth I think.  It's still very puzzling seeing my son doing crochet!  Steve made the little green/white mushroom and Bex made the balls.

Today... we are meeting up with Lacy at Botany Town Centre for lunch.  So hopefully we will have a nice day.  I really don't feel like doing much at all... wondering if I'm coming down with something... just feeling a bit off.  Probably just tired.

Right, I've bored everyone enough for now... catch ya later...


I tried to take an updated photo of myself... for my August 'Comparison' Photo... but the lighting in the new position (computer) sucks.  So... this is the best I could get:

ABOVE:  because I've pretty much stayed the same weight in the past TWO months, there isn't any change in me mug shots.  *sigh*
I am sure I can still lose the next 15 kilos by Christmas... I just have to work harder!

I think we are leaving soon for Botany, I can hear Dante up the hallway having his say... he's a very VOCAL baby boy!

BOTANY:  lovely shopping centre, everything is right there in one area.  Lacy got there on the bus.

We had a wander around the shops then had lunch.  
As it was rather wet we chose to come home after that... Both babies were going to sleep.

ABOVE:  our darling babies.  Keera and Dante, such good friends already.

WELL!  no one is talking to me today... *sniff*
gunna go sulk in a corner.

OH ANNE!   You didn't look at the packet eh ... you left Country Cheese Crackers, AND they have holes in them!!!  Ta muchly... *smiles*

In the light of day, I've decided the study area doesn't look THAT bad, so I'm just gunna leave it.
I have enough crap in me house without adding a screen.  Dumm deee dooo.....

FROGGY:  awww that's sad... sorry I've not been around much... 
DONNA: you know that cracker lady too?  

ANNE:  *sniff* and I thought you were MY FRIEND... I don't know about you Aussy's!
DONNA... gimme back my shapes asap!

End of Day:  happy to say it's been an uneventful day.  Very lazy this afternoon... did bugger all!
nite nite


  1. Hum, I think a screen might be a giant monstrosity right in the middle of the room. Draw one in on one of your photos and see if you think so. Maybe a curtain might be best if you are looking for privacy? Then you'd get the "ghost" look maybe.

    I don't know if putting the desk so the chair is in the corner might work getting in and out, because then a pretty screen that goes with the decor MIGHT go. hm..

    I think you might have to get the graph paper out and plan it.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Would it be a half screen or a tall screen? fabric or heavy not sure could you bring a few options home? and return the others that are not suitable? Ohhhh the crotcheting is coming along nicely, hope you have a nice day out.

  3. Quietly enters the room, looks around, no ones there so silently slides over to the study area and leaves a box of savoury shapes next to the keyboard then just as silently backs up, turns around and vanishes from sight.

    1. Ahhhhh the sneaky cracker lady lol

    2. While no one was still around, I realised that I didn't want to share MY savoury shapes with anyone so sneakily snuck back into the room, grabbed MY box of savoury shapes back and substituted those lesser quality type lower class crackers then laughing manically to myself I tiptoed back out of the room and vanished in a puff of smoke, but not before throwing a box of old shapes in Donna's direction and muttering "shush" .....

  4. I gave up blogging because no one talked to me :-)

    Glad Lacy got a better house. Hope things settle down for her soon xxx

  5. Glad you had a nice time at botany on such a crap day weather wise that is :)

  6. My sister in law used to make fantastic crochet animals and toys. That was before I came along but we have one that she had gave my husband.

    Are you letting your blonde grow out?


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