Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Well... after going to bed in a bit of a shitty last night... I hope today is better.

I am going to work friggin hard as this month to get over the dismal effort last month.

I may have 'only' gained 1.2 kgs, but it was enough to re-motivate myself ...  I know I can do this.  

Moving on... here is some of the 'treasure' I found yesterday:

ABOVE:  more baby toys, a Bob The Builder soft sided lunch box and that large blue roasting dish.

ABOVE:  these 4 darling little metal baby figurines.  I could not resist them!

Everyone I work with knows I ♥ LOVE ♥ blue!  So when Bernadette (assistant Manager) saw the blue roasting dish she brought it out to me... it looked like this:

ABOVE: in a shocking state! Baked on crap, inside, outside and well.. all over really.  So last night I made a start on getting it clean:

ABOVE: after about half an hour I was DONE for the night.  The rest can wait till later on today.  

 ABOVE:  I probably got a good half of it clean, but it's really hard on one's hands.  

Today, well Bex is going stir crazy at home, so we are going to the mall.  Not sure which one yet... but it will be nice to get out with her and Dante for a couple of hours.

After lunch Teddy is going to the groomers.  To our NORMAL groomer, Rhonda at Takanini.  She is a FANTASTIC groomer, and does an amazing job.  
I can't wait to see Teddy all gorgeous again.  My humble efforts to groom him fall sadly way behind the mark, but not as bad as that git who butchered Coco a while ago!

So, that's me plans for the day.

AND I am going to write down a menu plan for me for the entire week... and stick to it.  I have to knuckle down... I only need to lose ANOTHER 17 kilos to be exactly where I want to be for fecks sake!
I can do it...


Just for the record, I've now lost 23 kilos.

I JUST REALISED SOMETHING.... the past couple of weeks I've been eating my emotions.
Letting them get the better of me again.
Problem recognised.  Problem can be worked on... and overcome.

Today has gone to plan so far.  Went to the mall with Bex, Lacy and babies.
Didn't buy a thing!
Lunch... an open chicken sandwich... served hot.  Was bloody nice.
Took Teddy to the groomers.
The girls and babies have gone out walking and I'm on me own.

Might just do some sewing now... or... just enjoy the silence?  *smiles*

The girls took Coco with them on their walk.  She fell in the lake at the Botanic Gardens.  Apparently she didn't like that!

ABOVE: still a bit damp... but happily tired after her big walk with the girls.

Got a niggly little feeling... am getting ready to reach boiling point soon.

End of Day:  shit hit fan.  That is all.
nite nite


  1. Oh well mum with every loss you have a gain. Keep your head up only 17 to go you can do it.

  2. That's the spirit you forge ahead and you have gained SO MUCH MORE from your losses no matter how meagre new clothes you haven't had on for awhile, nice boots, sleeker lines, lovely skin again,fitter, compliments and healthier TEST RESULTS!!!

  3. 23 kilos is no mean feat!
    Well done, onwards and downwards so to speak!

    OMG I am a poet!!!

  4. That's what I love about you. It's hard to keep a good woman down!!

  5. Sorry Chris, I was in a rush when I left my comment this morning re your loss.... 23 down and not to much more to go! You can do it! Stay focused and you will be there in no time!!

    Oh no to Coco falling in the lake! Hope she is ok now :)

  6. Onward for life ...
    Last month has gone, don't worry about it!
    You can do it, forge into the next 30 days. You've recognised the emotional eating creeping in, which is great. Maybe add in a non-food reward for you after this next 30 days if you reach a specific goal you set yourself for the month.
    23 kilos gone, gone, gone, yeah!

  7. Oh no... sorry that something's gone wrong :(

  8. recognizing a problem is often most of the solution.
    I like the blue pan.
    Here, hump day is just starting....

    290 exurjte
    ofsachea 21


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