Saturday, August 17, 2013


This morning first thing Stew has to go and pick up the covered furniture trailer from Onehunga, then he and Steve can get going on moving everything of Lacy's from her present house to her new one.

That is bound to take all day.

While they are busy, I will be looking after Keera I suppose.  

I presume Lacy will go with the guys to help. Bex will stay here, along with Brylee and Griffin.

I spent a bit of time last night thinking of puppy names.  I had thought of Native New Zealand trees, but changed my mind.

Now I am going to use names of ***** and ****.
Any ideas?

Anyone who guesses correctly will win a mug rug and some of my cards.

*hint*... The boys names and the girls names are after different things.

So there will be TWO prizes.  I will take all guesses for ONE WEEK.... then if anyone is right... I will send them their 'prize'.

ABOVE:  the weather.  Ain't gunna be pretty moving furniture in that weather, but at least we don't have EARTHQUAKES happening too.
I hope everyone in central New Zealand are safe after the quakes yesterday. ***  Yaaa, the weather has cleared up and it's perfectly fine outside!  

ABOVE: a few photos taken yesterday down in Wellington.  
I hope the shaking and aftershocks stop soon.

Right, I'm off to start the day.  I'm hoping everything gets moved today and we can spend tomorrow doing our usual stuff... like grocery shopping.  


The move is going well by the sound of it.  Keera is being a little angel for us... and I have actually managed to get a bit of housework done, and a bit of tidying in  me sewing room too.  My sewing 'room' often becomes the dumping ground for all sorts of stuff that needs to be put away elsewhere.

Having fun ... cos I ♥LOVE♥ tidying up.  I'm a bit weird like that, I keep saying that eh?  *smiles*

Because Coco is in season, I have to contain her in the house so we don't get 'stuff' on anything:

 ABOVE:  it is working well.  Teddy is in with her because she cries if he's out.  It's also good because it keeps the babies away from them too.

GUESS what is for dinner tonight?

I like chicken bums.

Sounds like 95% of the move is accomplished.  The guys are just returning the trailer now, then they will be home.
All that is left to do at the 'old' house is cleaning and removing rubbish.  

That can be done tonight or tomorrow.

Well, it's been a busy day for everyone really... but everything got done... and now... 
I am sewing!  So I'm happy.

Stew is watching the rugby, so he's happy.

Bex and Steve are CROCHETING, so they are happy.

The kids are watching the other TV, so they are happy.

Lacy is yakking to whoever listens to her, so she's happy too.

End of Day:  everyone is tired, but happy.  Can't ask for more than that can ya?
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Moving day is never fun, but always exciting! Enjoy Keera! I can't guess your names. LOL condiments and meats? LOL Told you! I liked the spices. ♥

  2. Moving is such a chore! I don't plan on ever moving from my current home if it can be helped. Hope Lacy settles in easily! Enjoy your weekend:)

  3. Hope you find some time to just RELAX this weekend!
    My guess is ....fruits and nuts!

  4. Sheesh that's one busy productive day alright! Glad the move is going well, and nearly complete, YAY for AB's loved the game!

  5. puppy names Boys Car makes Girls Gem stones.


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