Sunday, August 04, 2013


Last night I got 5 hand towels ready for adding bits 'n' bobs onto.
I got one finished too... which I will show you right now:

 ABOVE:  what do ya think of that then? Personally, I rather love it.  Though, getting the bloody fingers turned in the right was was a right bitch!  Not sure if I'll do THAT again. Well... I probably will, but I'll make the fingers fatter.
That is my hand print ... EXACTLY.

Do you like how I put the cute flower on me finger?  It's got a little sparkly crystal in the center too, it just doesn't show up in the photo.

Next up... darling Keera sound asleep in the highchair last night.  She went to sleep before I could feed her dinner... it was a shame to wake her ... but I did:

ABOVE:  there is something special about a sleeping baby.  They have such innocent wee faces.

Plans for today.  Well I am going to sew.  I really enjoyed what I did last night, so want to continue on with the other hand towels I've got ready for titivating. 

I am going to be using them for Christmas presents.  Except the one above, I want that one for me.

I expect Lacy will pop in at some point too... to pick up her baby.  *smiles*


CHRISTY:  Awww thanks for that lovely comment.  I'm so happy knowing wee Corbin likes his wall hanging.  And the bling!

We decided to go out for lunch.  And I had three things on my list to get.
Lunch.  Was nice.   Won't be needing dinner now though.  We all had KFC.

I have been trying to find Soy Flour for a health loaf I want to make.
Do you think any supermarket has the stuff?  NOPE.

So I said to Stew, we should try a Health Food shop, and we found it (finally) in a Health Food Shop in St Lukes Mall.  
AND I got two silicone loaf tins and a mosquito repellent wrist band for Griffin in the mall too.
So all three items found and bought.  SCORE.

Now I might just make those loaves.  They are from an incredibly OLD cooking book I was given from La Leche League way back when Lacy was an infant in Wanganui.
From memory they are divine... so I'm off to make them.

ABOVE:  DONE.  There were 6 muffin size ones, but Stew and Bex ate one each ... and I had half of one to 'test' how they tasted.
VERY YUM... is the verdict.

I am sure they will be a nice addition to the lunches.  Kids and adults.

Stew is cooking dinner.  It was supposed to be Butter Chicken, but I grabbed Rogan Josh while shopping by mistake.   And it's 'Medium' hot, so rather glad I'm not having any.  

End of Day:  while they have dinner, I'm off to sew.
nite nite


  1. Nice handtowel I like the flower, Keera looks so peaceful what a shame you had to wake her, How is Dante sleeping through the night going?

  2. That hand towel is the cutest! Corby has this week started to show interest in his lovely wall hanging you made. He pointed at it and said "what's that then?" and I said "it's a beautiful wall hanging my friend Chris made" and he pointed to the green crystals on the grassy plants on the lower left corner. It's such a beautiful item and I will treasure it forever.... xxx

  3. Love the hand towel! They will make great Christmas presents! Wish I was as talented as you!
    We have got a couple of classic photos of Rachel asleep in the highchair too! They look so damn peaceful when sleeping!
    Ooooops to getting the Rogan Josh rather than butter chicken - hope the family enjoy it.

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    love the hand print & flower :0)

    your baking does indeed look YUM!


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