Monday, August 26, 2013


I've been told on many occasions lately that lots of you girls do read my blog, but can't comment for various reasons.  It's lovely to be assured that you are STILL reading!

Believe it or not, I need that reassurance some days, cos there are days when I feel stupid posting such boring crap day after day, and I do wonder who is still reading my drivel?

I've been blogging for almost 7 years!  7 years of sharing the good, the bad and the downright ugly... in an honest and 'call a spade a spade' sorta way.  That is just who I am.  

I have learnt that there are trolls out there who would love to bring me or my family members down.  For whatever reason.  And I still struggle sometimes to not react in a negative way... but I do think I am getting better at being more objective in how I deal with negative comments.

How someone comments is up to them, this is an 'open' blog after all, anyone can read it, and anyone can comment.  

BUT I KNOW that if I were to be standing right in front of one of the 'ANON' nasties, they would NEVER dare to be so rude as to say to my face what they 'say' in comment form.

They are cowards.  Some have signed their 'name'... yeah right.  I could call myself The Bloody Queen in a comment, but we all know I'm not!  Just as I know giving yourself a 'name' still makes you an Anonymous Bitch.... whoops, that just slipped out...  *smiles*

I too can be a bitch sometimes.

But the point I'm trying to make is I really appreciate everyone who reads, and everyone who leaves a comment... because you must care enough to bother.  Even the ANON's.  Thanks so much for caring.  ♪ lah ♪ lah ♪ la ♪ la ☻☺☻

Something very interesting happens on days like YESTERDAY.... 

The visits to my blog go up by a couple of hundred!  Last Monday I had more than usual visits due to the break in at Lacy's old house, and again yesterday!  So funny!  Obviously Steve's bum was interesting.  He's happy about that I'm sure.

Did I get ya with me Title today?  FORNICATING BEARS?

Ha ha... Stew, me darling hubby, made the bed yesterday morning, and this is how he 'arranged' the Teddy's:

 YEP... he's a dirty, dirty little boy is my man. ☻

TODAY:  well it depends on the weather.  If it's nice Bex and I are going over to visit Lacy and Keera, maybe wander around the Mall again.  Botany is such a lovely area.

If the weather is crap, we will stay home and I will do some more sewing.  Bex will no doubt do some more crochet.

I might as well show you the block I got finished last night too:

KAREN in Wellington:  I do get my block patterns off the internet.

ABOVE:  As you can see, I have a few!  Oh and Karen I am using the gorgeous blue batik fabrics you gave me on these placemats too.

Now, before I go ...

ABOVE:  a cute collage of Dante in my sewing 'room' last night.  He is into EVERYTHING now... he's on the verge of crawling.  He gets on his hands and knees and rocks... sometimes he forgets what he's doing and he 'rocks' his head up and down instead of his body!  It is really hysterical to watch him sometimes.

Right, I'm outta here for now... I'm off to make the lunches, feed the dogs, bla bla bla.. you know the drill.  Oh and I shall check out the weather...


Change of Plans:  Griffin is home with a sore throat, so we are going to the Dr's.
***I am posting your parcels today BLONDIE and ENZ.

Griffin thankfully does not have a Strep throat, but his throat is inflamed so he will be staying home for today at least.  

I am now spending my morning sorting out the cupboard under the stairs and the roof attic.

 It certainly doesn't take long for those areas to get all cluttered and untidy, especially when everyone (me included) just throws shit in there willy-nilly.

Ummm... hells bells!  It's already lunchtime! Where the hell has the morning gone???


Four hours later... and I have made another placemat block...

ABOVE:  another one done, only I made a major BOO BOO with this one.  At the top/middle I trimmed it too close to the blue point, so when I sew it onto the backing I will lose the damn point.  Grrrr... It makes me so crabby when I stuff up like that.

I'm now going to start making dinner... 

So... after getting a steak 'n' kidney stew on, I went up into the attic and started sorting stuff out.  I got to about half way done when I almost fell through the ceiling onto the garage floor!  No, my foot didn't go through (thank goodness), but I did go through the particle board that was on top of the joists.  Derrrr... gave me a big fright and I stopped.

It's darn hard work up there, trying not to put a foot wrong, and doing it all while bent over due to the roof sloping down.  I can stand up in the middle, but sure in hell not all the way around.

I might do the other half in a week or two, which will give me time to get over the fright I got and the terror of having to climb down the ladder again.  I swear my legs were shaking so much I really didn't know if I could climb down again!

It was good though, I found a few things I really wanted to find, and lots of stuff I can take over to Lacy's for storage. The less that's up in the attic the better.

MARIA:  yep  good idea, thanks.

End of Day:  well I might just go and do what Maria suggested... then do some more tidying up down in my bedroom/sewing room/gym!  Yep, one day it will a garage again too!
nite nite


  1. I hate the way people feel brave from behind the computer. I'm all for comments but I hate anon ones.

  2. Ha ha, I love that so many people came by to have a look at Steve's bum....I'm sure he is very pleased.
    Cut pics of Dante. Nothing will be safe from him when he starts crawling.

  3. I read everyday and love all of it because of your honesty. Don't comment often because I am usually on my phone and have trouble typing. But feel like I am sharing your journey.

  4. bloody 'keyboard warriors'... good on Steve.

  5. Thanks Chris!!!

  6. Clearly porn & crime are good blog fodder - todays title should rocket the stats up too :-).

    I think Steve is hilarious, I hope he never loses his sense of fun - otherwise he might end up as sour & miserable as Anon. Why is it that Anon comments are almost without fail so nasty? By all means disagree with someone or disapprove of their actions - and say so but there is no need to be so damn rude.

    I look forward to more of Steve's photobombing and other assorted antics to keep us amused.

  7. Chris, could this be a jealous ex-girlfriend or something? Because usually when I see something I object to, I either say something USING THIS ACCOUNT, and hopefully with some respect and direct discussion, or I do this thing where I hit that X in the upper right hand corner.

    Guessing ex-girlfriend, because "she" seemed very bent out of shape as though she OWNED that butt, but who knows...

  8. Might have to start charging you for storing ya stuff lol....I would like you to make Purple Trifle or Ambrosia for me at least once a month....Please :)

  9. I love the placemat blocks and I hope Stew told you off for being up in the Attic you could have done some damage to yourself and I bet you got bruised too! PARCELS ohhhh I can't wait! A few sore throats down our way too.

  10. Maria6:45 PM

    Unpick the white triangles and cut so new ones and fix your mistake. Easy to do now and it won't annoy you later

  11. Loving all the patchwork blocks you are doing. Very envious of your set up so you can go and sew when you want to! I dont have the room and cant be arsed getting all my gear out every time! Maybe when we buy a new home I might be able to have some space for sewing :)

  12. You keep me laughing when I do have a chance to read! I don't get many comments on my blog, but seems that people are stopping by, so I guess I don't really do much that is comment worthy! lol Love the collage...what program do you use? I have been trying to make one in Picasa but it isn't very user friendly, I can't get it figured out. Or maybe it's me!

  13. We started blogging about the same time. You are a bit more popular though ;) I tend to check your blog more than once a day sometimes to see your updates (on slow days at work lol)


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