Friday, August 23, 2013


Has this week been long or what?
Seriously, I don't know what I was doing all week... just so tired?  I blame it on Menopause!

Today Brylee is running in the Central Counties Cross Country event.  I hope she has fun.

Now... who guessed right for our boy puppies?

ENZ.  Well done Chick, you guessed METALS, and you were bang on.  Boys will have names like 'Steel, Zinc, Copper' and so on... depending on how many boys we get.

Please email me your physical address and I will post out your gift.  ( )

I put me foot in it last night.  I kinda issued a family decree.  No more visitors on 'sleep overs' in the weekends... particularly if you can visit for the day and then go home easily.
Like, if you only live an hour or so away, there is no NEED to stay the night... right?

Well... that went down like a lead balloon.

BUT... I'm not backing down.
Stew and I virtually NEVER have a break from our kids... so having more around all weekend is like .... too much.

It is nice to see you, but just as nice to see you leave!

Weekends are supposed to be a time to relax and wind down after a hard week at work (well... for Stew and Steve)... so there ya have it.

Now someone says that we won't be seeing 'them' ... oh well.  Join the line.  Not like we haven't heard that before.

*DEEP BREATHS*.... and all will be just fine.

Today:  Spotlight for Bex... then probably home to just do some housework.
Like... a normal, boring old day!

Cos TOMORROW.... we are moving all of Steve and Bex's stuff out of storage and taking it all over to Lacy's new home.  
We can store most of it in her garage shed and 3rd bedroom.

No more costly storage costs!  Yaaaa.  That is good.
But, we have to move it all before we can relax.

And poor Stew has to work on his company's 'stand' at the Baby Show on Sunday, so virtually NO rest for him this weekend.  

I feel so sorry for him sometimes.  I moan about my life, while his is so much harder.  All he wants on the weekends is to lounge in his lazy boy chair and watch sport on TV.  I don't blame him.
Funny how some in the family don't see that adding to the constant commotion on the weekends is NOT what he feels like.
Every time I tell him someone is visiting, he just sighs.  

I don't have any photos to share right now either.  So... I'll bugger off for now, and come back later... as I do.


It's freakin wet out... I wonder if the Cross Country Run happened?

ABOVE:  I've come to the conclusion that Sistema containers are just as good as Tupperware, so when they are 50% off, I shall grab some.  Which I did today at Spotlight.
Those 6 containers cost me around $20!  The fabric... was so cute, I bought a metre.  I don't have much yellow fabric.
We only stayed out about an hour as it was so cold and wet, and Dante needed to get some sleep, so we came home.  Now it's... lunchtime.
I shall have the dinner I didn't eat last night... mince stew.  Yummy.

Hey!  I forgot to mention something that happened at Spotlight.

Bex and I were browsing in the fabric aisle when one of the ladies who works in the fabric section walked up behind me and said:

"Does it worry you that we can tell who you are even when your back is facing us?"

I was like:

 "Really?  Nah it doesn't, you people should just give me the key to the door... I'm here that often!"

It made me smile, as I hadn't been in that particular Spotlight for a few weeks.  Now I'm tempted to get a cheap wig and wear it in there!  Let's see how clever they are then.... *evil little snigger* hmmmmm....  wearing a hat would work too...

End of Day:  well... I'm finally getting some sewing done tonight while Stew watches the rugby.  Bliss.
nite nite


  1. Thank God it's Friday there! That means that soon it will be Friday here!!!

    1195 nkaycer
    pventl 219

  2. That's o,k Chris . Put your foot down with a firm hand

  3. I think it is fair enough about the weekends. Having people to stay over means more effort & work. I seem to have an extra teen or 3 most weekends lately and have said this weekend I don't want any extras - lets see if that happens.
    I love the idea for boy puppies names.

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Yep I've had that at Spotlight too (Mt Wellington). One girl said I should get a part time job there to get staff discounts because I was in there so often...


  5. If I work 6 days I tell ya I was invited to go out last Sunday I said NO I can't be around people if I have worked all week I need space peace and relax time. And of course last weekend was supposed to be you and Stew time too!.... Oh well stew can watch Ranfurly shield game tonight test tomorrow and then he be sorted. SLEEP IN Sunday!

  6. An hour away is not too long. Three hours, yeah. Not an hour.


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