Sunday, August 25, 2013


ANON FROM LAST NIGHT:  I will be nice and say you are entitled to your opinion... cos you are.
But, I do believe having some HARMLESS fun is nothing to be going off the deep end about.

I am sure there are millions of Dad's out there who are as much FUN to have around as our Steve is.  What he did was in the privacy of his own home, and therefore perfectly fine by us.

Moving on... I stayed up until almost 11.30 pm last night... I got stuck in and made two placemat tops.  I must say, I am loving doing 'true blocks' again!  I love the challenge of getting all the seams to align perfectly!
I don't always get that, but I consider myself a novice still... so I've plenty of time to get it right every time.

I finished two tops :

ABOVE:  I am making these ones for my Mum's Christmas Present.  I know she loves this fabric because she bought it!  lol
Those are 12 inch blocks with two 3 inch strips down the sides to make them rectangle Placemats.

I am suddenly thinking...  Wonder if I can make round ones?
I've not tried that yet...

Griffin was rather pleased last night, Bex made him a  'sack man' :

ABOVE:  I'm still amazed at how fast those two have picked up crochet!  I'm ALMOST tempted to give it a go... but I'll resist.  I am loving my sewing too much to add another thing into my repertoire of crafts.

Today?   Well Steve, Bex and Dante are out for the day... and I'm not sure if we have any plans to go out and about.  I'm hoping we just stay home and relax. 


Stew is working this afternoon at the Baby Show, so it will just be me and the kids home alone.  lol
I don't mind, B & G are usually pretty good at amusing themselves now days.  I'm going to sew... even though it's FREEZING in the garage.

Further to Anon's comment last night:  Steve is a fantastic son/partner/Dad... we are incredibly proud of him.
There's not too many young men who are happy to stay home with the family, take up crochet to share his partner's interests, and spend every moment he can with his baby and fiance.  

I would like to also let you know that my HUSBAND STEW used to 'moon' his Mum too!
Yep, that pillar of society, Manager of Public Trust Auckland Central is a fun-loving bloke too.  And I would have him no other way.

Heard the saying "Like Father, Like Son"?

ANON:  I did make it public didn't I?  Silly me.  But, you only got an 'edited' version... I did kinda bleep out his butt crack!  Whatever, no harm done as far as I'm concerned.

It's not often that I keep getting comments on a post from the day before!  Obviously quite a few felt the desire to have their say after ANON'S comment about Steve.  Thanks.

End of Day: quite a quiet day, which was nice.  Got some more sewing done, and more in my mind for tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Chris, I love those blocks. Did you get the patterns off the net? Don't know what Anon said but can't be a New Zealander surely? Yeah, I'm feeling tempted to start crochet again after seeing my friends making gorgeous afghan blocks, so different to what we used to do. But . . . Too much else to do.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Wonder if Anon is the usual Anon? Get a life - obviously Steve has a great sense of humour and loves his family endlessly. At least he is there, being with his family rather than down the pub or sitting on the couch not taking an interest. Geez some people need to lighten up. More people should take a leaf from Steve's book and not take life so seriously - it's a one-off! Make the most of it! Laugh!

    Kate 444

  3. My friend's last name is Cheek. I've seen more of his cheeks than my own lol.

  4. Great pic of Griffin-he is so cute!

  5. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Steve is a wonderful father and partner. I agree with you that "what he did was in the privacy of his own home" But what is wrong it that you made it not private by publishing for all the world to know.

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I suggest "anonymous" piss off and stop reading. If you don't want to look at boobs, babies, butt cracks or the like, you shouldn't be reading this. Everyone has a butt crack by the way! Even the queen - she sits down to crap in the toilet just like everyone else.


    1. Love it....Kate Xo Your Epic

  7. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I would like to tell Steve that my brother is king of the moon, king of silly behaviour as was our dad and his four kids love him. :)


  8. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Oh and Chris I normally read your blog in bed before I start the day and can't comment because I never get the word verification up on my iPhone. Just wanted to let you know I am still here!

  9. My friends husband a mechanic used to direct the cars onto the hoist waving his wanger left or right TO HIS much astonished WIFE who was having to drive said vehicles onto hoist, he would fart burp, and steal the crackling of ya plate!!! If he got half a chance he was a definite boob butt and nakey man AND we loved him every bit of his crass crude and hilarious antics!!! some people are so prudish at times I have seen more nudity on TV programmes before 8.30pm at night I MIGHT ADD!

  10. Word Verification might be on....but can I please say....Anon fuck off...and take a chill pill...if you Do Not like what your reading....then one is making you read this blog...
    If you Can Not Handle..naked bottoms, boobs...incorrect vocabulary, or just pure Reality...
    Then this is Obviously not the blog for you to read...
    and if you do wish to keep following...then please be warned...
    This Blog does contain REALITY.....Don't like it....simple..

  11. Very very good blog I love it simply love to read and watch.

  12. Why get your panties in a twist over a bottom? I quite like bottoms.


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