Monday, August 05, 2013


For the first time in about 2 years I can fit my purple boots again!

I'm thrilled to bits ...

 WEIGHTEven thought I have had setbacks, as long as I keep trying I'm winning.
I KNOW when it's weigh-in day (tomorrow) I am going to have either a small gain or a stay the same.  
And I'm kinda OK with that, because I know I haven't done my BEST these past 30 days, and I've let a few (read A LOT) of naughty meals slip in.
But... as I said... I am aware, and I know that it can happen.  Even the most motivated person can have slip ups.

I will do better. I promise.  To you, and myself.

Today:  usual stuff.  Housework. Sewing. Maybe a walk.

I am going to sit down and make a meal plan for myself.
I can't keep eating what I cook for the family.
They NEED nutritious food, food for young growing people, and men that work hard, both physically and mentally.

I shall have to make myself something different for dinner.  More appropriate for a woman my age, and with my level of physical activity.
Let's get real, I'm no spring chicken any more.

Shock! Horror!  I'm getting on in age and must remember that what I could eat 15-25 years ago is not what I need now.
One's metabolism changes as we age, I need to take that into account when planning meals.

ANY IDEAS out there?  Remember, I do like TASTY food.  Not sweet necessarily, I tend to have a savoury tooth as opposed to a sweet tooth.


Last night I got these two hand towels finished, and Bex made a good start on a cute mug rug:

ABOVE:  you can't really see the detail on the hand towels... but they are lovely.  
Bex's pretty heart and daisys is going to look GORGEOUS  when finished!
It's neat to see all my little scraps of fabric being put to good use.

Well... maybe I'm not going to get any ideas from you guys?
My mind is blank too.

For today at least I have a plan.
Lunch:  open chicken sandwich, using Burgen Bread.
Dinner:  maybe scrambled eggs?

I used to have a lot of stir fried veges with meat for my lunches, and sometimes just veges with gravy.  I might try that for my dinner instead, and have an open sandwich for lunch?
UNTIL I get bloody sick of them.

Just feeling a bit like... I have no idea how to get over this hump.
When I feel like this I'm more likely to grab something I shouldn't.  Cos I'm feeling crabby and BLA.

Most of the housework is done... the only thing left to do is sweep/mop the floors and make me bed when I go downstairs after lunch.

 ABOVE:  Yesterday I borrowed my neighbour's kitchen scales as mine died, and I happened to glance towards our house from her's... and OMG!  

It looked disgusting!  We had a shade sail hanging down and a sheet of blue plastic as well... to keep some of the rain off clothes on racks out there.  It really wasn't a nice view for them.  So I got Stew to take it down.

Now I've titivated the patio and it looks lovely again.  I don't feel like a nasty neighbour anymore.

Can ya see?  It's a lovely day again ... so much for the weather forecast for a storm.

ABOVE:  baggy pants.  They don't show up that well... but let me tell ya, the crotch is almost down to me knees.

And ALL of you who are always telling me to smile... this is me NOT SMILING.  NO MAKEUP. HAIR NOT DONE.  FEELING CRABBY.

WHO else believes things 'go' in three's???

I sure in hell do.

ONE:  Hit shin into coffee table at Hospice Shop last Thursday.

TWO: Smacked knee into sewing desk last night.

THREE:  fell off the footstool just now.


LYNDA:  If the pants were WORTH sewing in, I would.  But they are old as, and just not worth doing.  They are going in the bin as soon an they fall off completely.   Well whooops! ... they do actually!  I pin them up to me bra!
But, they are good for around home... so they shall stay until summer.
THEN I will happily throw the 4 pairs that are too big in the bloody bin!

KAREN:  So can I!  Cross me legs that is... ha ha !

I saw our neighbour over our side fence today, and yelled out "Hi" and asked her if she had a baby now?  I was sure I had seen her a few months ago pregnant... and YES, she had a baby girl 10 weeks ago.

These neighbours are Asian, and almost never open their curtains, so we don't see them outside very often... so I grabbed the chance and invited her over for morning tea tomorrow, and she said yes!  She is bringing her husband too.

I'm thinking they are night shift workers?  

So... in the vein of being a LOVELY neighbour, I very quickly whipped up a cot quilt in polar fleece fabric for her.

I will show you tomorrow.


  1. Just wait til you get to be as old as I am, then you can't eat anything...just kidding, but things do change.
    I love the purple boots. It is cool that you can wear them.

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Try the Simply Too Good to be true books by Anette Sims (I think that's her name). They are so delicious they feel like naughty food but they are healthy, that will save you making two dinners - Bec

  3. I really like Spark People ....but sometimes counting calories is a pain. I'm down almost 30 pounds since the end of May ... just a bit more to go until I'm at goal. Of course, it is easier just preparing meals for one ...I doubt I'd do as well if I had to cook for a family! I've been really strict with myself ...allowing NO cheat days or meals, and have learned to find pleasure in eating the healthy choices. I have almost no time for exercise, but my job is quite physical, so that must count for something!
    You've done awesome in your journey to a healthier you ...don't let any snags you hit get you down!

  4. How can you possibly have baggy pants when you are a sewer!! I've taken everything I own in.. about ten times! Some clothes I've almost completely remade. Get to it!!

  5. Love the boots!

    Lunch idea:
    I have a chicken salad for lunch most days & prep it on the weekend. Bake 4 chicken breasts in the oven in the marinade of your choice (covered); bake sliced sweet potato/kumera in oven til golden (use a bit of olive oil).

    Then at lunch I get a small bowl & chuck in some spinach & rocket, 2/3rds ish of a chicken breast cubed (depends on how big they are as to the portion), 3 or 4 slices of sweet potato diced & topped with a massive tablespoon or 2 of hommus.

    Dinners: I have what ever meat he's having on a bed of salad or steamed veg rather than pasta, rice or spuds. I'm a bid addicted to salad a the moment!!!

  6. You're looking fantastic Chris. My 'diet' is a low carb one so no bread, potatoes, Khmers, pumpkin, pasta etc for the first 3 months. Still plenty to eat though. I've had a bad week too while home sick, so will have to do some damage management when I'm back to work!

    Great to have your purple boots on I bet. I can cross my legs haha.

  7. Oh My God - I LOVE those boots!!!!!!

  8. LOL at the baggy pants... I must do one of those photos soon!

    Love the purple boots - they are cool!

    Ideas re meals - Food in a minute website has some awesome easy(ish) meals on it. Or even just googling a couple of ingredients can find you all sorts of ideas :)

  9. Just had to stop by to say how amazing you look. Your hard work is certainly showing, I was blown away when I saw that photo, you look gorgeous! I am seriously impressed with the plan you are working.

  10. I want to see the pants pinned to the bra!!

    Love the purple boots. Purple is my favourite colour.

    Ouch ouch ouch. :(

    You are a lovely neighbour.

  11. Who said they want to see bra pinned pants!!!! DONT she will I tell ya! those boots are so neat love the colour, I HATE HATE knocking me shin it hurts wayyyyy too much!

  12. ohh I just love those boots !!!

  13. Congrats on the boots!

    You are so sweet to your neighbours! I hope the new baby and his mom love the new quilt. :)

  14. Those boots are rockin!

  15. Pants like that can't be too expenisve, you should buy yourself some replacements, it will make you feel better if you look nicer. (not saying you don't look nice but clothes that fit well will boost your spirit).

    I shop on Pinterest for meal ideas and make a menu from there, works great!


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