Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Today will be the start of 4 days in a row I shall be out and about.
Bex, Dante, Lacy, Keera and I are heading over to Sylvia Park.
Lacy and Keera have an access meet with Keera's bio father.

While she's busy with that, Bex and I are visiting Spotlight and the supermarket.
Spotlight... well just cos we can.
Supermarket... cos I want to get a few baking ingredients.

Once we come home I have to turn around and go to do my stint at the Hospice Shop.

Tomorrow Stew and I are attending the funeral of a friend from Coromandel.  He died from kidney failure/complications associated with kidney failure.  He was the companion of a very long-time and dear friend of mine, Frieda.  So a trip down to the Waikato on Wednesday.

Thursday I have Hospice Shop duty again, and on Friday Stew is taking the day off so we can have a day together again, just the two of us!
I might like getting used to having my hubby all to myself once in a while!

So, it's going to be rather out and about-ish for me this week!  Bex is looking after Brylee and Griffin three times this week!  I feel a little guilty about that.

ABOVE: Oh and a friend in Wellington (thanks KJ),  let me know of a fabric shop that is closing down over on the North Shore, so I want to fit in a visit to there as well.

Busy, busy... and no photo for today YET!


Morning Bex... see you when you get to the kitchen... ha ha!

JUDY:  if I really thought she couldn't cope with them I wouldn't leave them with her.  But they are not babies, and really don't require 'looking after' in any way.  They ARE 11 & 12, not 3 or 4.
They really just require an adult to be 'present' as you are not allowed to leave a kid under the age of 14 alone at home alone in this country.

Oh and she really only has to stop them arguing and squabbling!  Which they do a lot.  

Home again... the morning has gone well.  I got the few baking ingredients I needed, and so did Bex.
We also went to Spotlight, and I got some gorgeous red and blue fabric... it was on sale, so SCORE.

I was a bit of a twit and only bought 2 metres of each colour at first.  It wasn't until we were driving away that I thought of getting more of the blue fabric... in case I didn't see any more of it.
So I did an about face and went back and bought some more.  

It doesn't photo well... but it really is the most gorgeous blue.

I might make a duvet cover for our bed with it... stripes of white and blue.  

At least now I have enough for any sort of project I may want it for.

And now, I pretty much have to go ... Hospice Shop duty calls... and for ONCE I'm taking stuff there to donate!  Glasses mostly.

Well... Hospice was bloody quiet today!  I managed to amuse myself by going through all the craft magazines and getting some.

ABOVE:  heaps of magazines, some knitting patterns and three small plastic mini-trays.  I just BOUGHT 3 on the darn weekend!  They are so handy... for sideplates for ya sandwich or what-have-you.  So now I have more, for 50 cents each.  *sigh*

Where is everyone?  Blog world is bloody quiet!

End of Day:  a nice quiet evening.  Nice to just relax after a busy day.
nite nite


  1. Judy Maine, NY7:07 AM

    Chris, can't Lacy look after the kids? It seems a little unfair on Bex. She has Dante to look after.

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Dont feel guilty i really dont mind :) there good kids. Bex

  3. Some weeks I think we spend more time in our cars and out n about than home, but even little trips all together make a marathon and throw shopping in and a busy week ensues. My friends 12yr old son and 11yr old daughter are at that stage too she spends more of her time refereeing in each corner from waking time to bedtime (tiring she says!!).. They missed the voice twice in consecutive weeks because of it...

  4. Kayjay9:53 AM

    Hope you find some bargains Chris.

  5. I had that Jean Grrenhowe book and made several of those dolls. Magazines are always good value for inspiration.

  6. Love the fabric deals you got! Awesome colours!
    Yay for Bex being able to look after B&G for you while you are out and about.
    The little side trays are rather cute indeed :) I really should check out our local hospice shop at some stage to see if I can get some fabulous bargins like you do!

  7. Love the little side trays. Very useful. Youve always had an eye for a bargain. Love it.


  8. I have one of the mini trays with the coffee pot on it too.

  9. Just the words "fabric shop" make me wish I never sold my sewing machine! I can't wait to buy a new one and work on sewing projects again.

  10. I love going through the books at our hospice shop too!


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