Friday, August 02, 2013


The lovely DEE in Aussy has said I can choose which Mug Rug she gets for guessing what 5-10-15 + 10 meant.
Clever Chick.  And she's made it really easy for me too, 'cos she likes blue !
So... I'm going to send her one blue mug rug... and I will show you which one she got once she has it.

Moving on...

I am planning on having a relaxing day today... just get the basic housework done and then maybe sew.
Bex is doing way more sewing than me at the moment and it's making me miss doing some too.   Sewing is relaxing eh?

Steve and Bex went to the mall last night, we babysat Dante... which was easy 'cos he was sound asleep!
Anyway, about an hour or so after they left I get an email, with a photo attached, this was the photo:

ABOVE:  only my son would do this in a babywear shop!  Flattering?  NOT.

Time to get a move on and make the kids lunches, put some washing on and then... sew?
Plans can change though, I might get the urge later on to go out... getting those buttons yesterday unleashed a niggly itch to go to David's Emporium!


Well.. we did end up going to David's Emporium.  But...I was very circumspect and didn't go nuts.
I did buy a couple of things:

 ABOVE:  I've been looking for these daisy's for ages.  So happy I found them. And the lace.  Gorgeous.

ABOVE:  buttons.  Talk about being careful not to spend too much!  3 buttons!
Gimme an award.

After lunch.   I FELL ASLEEP.  That is all I've done since lunch.  Mum rang, they are safely home and happy.

Bex has been busy, she found how to make a rose with ribbon on Pinterest, so this is what she's done:

ABOVE:  we have both been titivating hand towels... I'm doing some for Christmas presents.  The one above is done by Bex.

ABOVE:  pretty cool eh?  

Now that I'm no longer doing nothing, it's almost time to sort out dinner.  Left overs tonight.  Waste not and all that...

KAREN:  the buttons are new.  David's Emporium stock heaps of discontinued lines, end of rolls, everything in cheaper than anywhere else.  But you do have to be careful about 'quality', some of the stuff in there is utter crap.
We love the huge button, lace, cord, beads and so on selection.  Amazing shop.

End of Day:  well it's been a very quiet evening.  I could have gone down to the garage and done some sewing, but I just didn't ... too comfy in me chair!
nite nite


  1. Have a good weekend!

  2. I love that daisy trim and have a little treasured piece here somewhere but it was very expensive . Love the buttons. Are they old ones or new.

  3. We need a like button, enjoy the weekend with your Stew.

  4. I went to Davids last week and was a bit disappointed but it was crazy busy so maybe it was just i couldn't be bothered with the people! !! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Bad me I forgot to post yesterday I love the daisy lace A friend of mine just bought some of this for some costume pieces I found it online she loved it too. Neat roses BTW.


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