Thursday, August 22, 2013


My webcam stopped working a few weeks ago... and it only started going again about a week ago.  But... it was taking really bad photos... so last night I had a play with the settings.
And I fixed it!  The 'noise' level was too low... hence the crap photos.

I think it's much better now:

ABOVE:  way better!  If you have the 'noise' level too low the photo comes out all grainy ... not nice.  
I hope I remember how to fix it, if it ever happens again.  I was really disappointed in the webcam until I fixed it.

Now... today.   I've got duty at the Hospice Shop all morning... so will be absent until around 1pm.

Bex and Dante will be home though... she is really getting into the crochet thing!  She finished her rabbit last night.

ABOVE:  so cute!

Not to be outdone, Steve finished his 'Goomba' too:

ABOVE:  before anyone asks... a Goomba is:
Goombas, known in Japan as Kuribo (クリボー Kuribō?, "Chestnut People"), are a fictional species of sentient mushrooms from Nintendo's Mario franchise.
Goombas are one of the major species of Mushroom World and are among Mario and Luigi's most persistent foes. Since their first game appearance in Super Mario Bros., they have appeared as a common foe. 

What else?  I am toying with just letting my hair colour grow out.  It's been 8 months or so since I had blonde put through.  Who thinks I should just leave it to go dark mouse with GREY bits, and who thinks I should re-colour it?

I put a mini-giveaway on my blog the other day.
You had to guess what I was using to name the next litter of puppies.
There were two groups... names for boys and names for girls.

BLONDIE:  your guess of gem stones for the girls is CORRECT.  So you get a mug rug and some cards.... email me your address!

NOW we just need someone to guess what '****'  I'm using for boy's names!
Come on now.... ???

Now... time to get lunches made, me face on and off to Hospice...


TRACY: nope, not car names.  Try again.

Now... I contained myself today at the shop and only bought 2 things!  

ABOVE:  one stunning, OMG I just had to buy it blue platter, made by Morris & James.  These sell in retail shops for about $100, I got it for $10.   How could I leave it there, seriously?
I KNOW I didn't NEED another platter... but well.... it's BLUE!  And those are paua shells even.  MINE now.  *smiles*  I also bought a thin black shirt for spring/autumn.

CHRISTY:  I changed my mind about tree names.  

WOW!  It would appear LOTS of people would like to win a mug rug and cards!   LOL..... will give winners name tomorrow.

I had a nana nap this afternoon... was just so tired!  Now I'm looking forward to a quiet night... with no hassles.

End of Day:  I've had a nice one.  The weather was lovely.  The company was lovely (at work and home) and well... I'm off to watch GLEE on me telly in me bedroom.
nite nite


  1. Cars for the boys?

  2. Fish species? You look fab by the way so proud of you :)

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Truck names for the boys?

    Ky Girl

  4. aww the toys are cute!

  5. Metals for the boys?

  6. Woohoo oh yay for me Tracy I said cars in me first guess OHHHHHH I know RUGBY PLAYERS!!!!! please let it be rugby players!!! Hosea, McCaw, Piri go on I dare ya.... lol volcanoes NZ volcanoes.

  7. Boys Lord of the Rings? names Legolas, Gimbli, Gandalf now that would be funny ......

  8. Are you naming the boy puppies after Gods? Thor. Zeus? xx

  9. Chris I actually think the dark colour looks great on you.

  10. Lorraine H10:03 AM

    Cartoon Characters for Boys.

    Southgirl x

  11. Colour your hair....

    And Tree names for the boy pups?

  12. Spices?
    Disney Princes?
    Types of Cheese?
    Clearly I have no idea :-) but I am sure whatever you choose will be great.

  13. Weren't the boys names native NZ trees?

  14. Boys names is it Disney boys? Donald goofy mickey Huey luey

  15. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Crochet bits and bobs are very very groovy...

    I'm going to guess .....I don't know. Zodiac?


  16. Rugby team names by district, mountains MAORI names Tane, Tama, Piri, Wiremu lol the last guess is a wild out there guess I know!!! I give up colours? surely not

  17. Mr Men names for the boys .... or Smurf names perhaps?

    It looks like Steve and Bex are enjoying their crocheting.

  18. Oh ... after thought here ... if you don't want to colour our hair fully, why not consider half a head of foils - much quicker, cheaper, and you don't notice the regrowth the same - and can add some lovely highlights with blonde tones in doing so.

    Another idea for the boy puppies .... maybe character names like Mr T, Gladiator ... etc

  19. I see my comment didn't go through. Shouldn't have done it at work. Smack smack lol. Love the photo -aalmost a smile Hehe. Crochet excellent. Love the toys. The blue plate awesome. Had to be yours Chris. Puppy boys names - my thoughts are already taken but is it names out of a movie like Lord of the rings or Harry Potter , or royal names ie Duke., prince., lord etc pretty random i know

  20. Marie C6:59 PM

    Boy puppy names - City's ?

  21. Ah, so ENZ guessed metals at 9:10 a.m. - I guessed at 1:47 p.m. Darn! Can't wait to see the pus!


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