Saturday, August 03, 2013


Seems we are in for a wet weekend.  Choice.
All the more reason to stay in and get some sewing done.
Or the housework.

We will be going out this morning to do the grocery shopping though...  what fun.  NOT.

I don't know if Steve and Bex have any plans for the day either.
I know that Bex does want to go back to David's Emporium and buy some of the daisy 'lace' ... same as what I bought yesterday.   I might tag along or get Stew to stop in there on our way to grocery shopping because I want more.

I should have got more when I had the chance yesterday now that I think about it.

OOwww I just remembered something else I want to work on this weekend too.  That copper picture.   It's going to be sorted soon I hope... and back on my wall where it belongs.

I just hope I don't end up doing NOTHING like yesterday!  Having a nap in the afternoon totally stuffs us your ability to get to sleep at night.

Right... I'm off to do some jobs around the house, get the family helping before the grocery shopping...

What do you have planned for the weekend?  I hope it's slightly more exciting than mine!


Grocery shopping... DONE.  And it was less painful than normal as we didn't need to get quite so much.  

Now we are probably going out to get Stew some new work shoes.  Then maybe a wander around the mall.  

I got on the scales today... it's not quite weigh in day... and I've GAINED.  2 kilos.  Serve me right.  I've not been consistently good over the last 30 days.

It's a constant battle... every day there is temptation... and some days temptation wins.
Hopefully if I can get a block of 2-3 days staying on track I can turn the gain around?

We have a visitor for the night...

I'm sure we are in for a  lovely evening with Miss Muppet and Dante.  

End of Day: and for once the weather forecast was wrong.  Well... for today at least.  Bet the rain arrives overnight/tomorrow.

The guys are happily parked in front of the TV watching the rugby, and I'm about to put Miss Muppet to bed... and I might just do some sewing, so I'm down in the garage with her.
nite nite


  1. Im on my way to whakatane for the night - godson's first birthday. Long drive but its not raining! !

  2. Well this weekend -..... its sunny outside, might take Molly to the beach for the first time,, should be interesting.. then I got my first Scottie Crafts Design team pack.. so guess I'll have to create.. geez its a hard life but someone has to do it! LOL

  3. Boring here. I've been home with acute bronchitis and asthma and don't feel like I'm getting any better despite being on steroids. I'd love to be sewing but don't have any energy! And to make things worse I have to use annual leave when I'm sick!!! I'm sure you wanted to know that Chris! Not lol.

    The closest emporium is in Porirua. Guess that's good because I'd be there everyday lol. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Not doing to much this weekend.... fruit and veggie market, Savemart (2nd hand clothes shopping), haircuts for Rachel and I. Then tomorrow, a family photoshoot and then seeing some friends.

    Hope you guys have a great one and that you get some R&R time too... Am so loving that photo of Brylee and Griffin that you have on the side! Gives me warm fuzzies every time I see it :)

  5. With weight, little set-backs are gonna happen. Keep your eye on the big picture.... you are doing so great! xx

  6. Cold, wet and even had a bit of thunder and lightening.
    DH has finally got back to work after 13 weeks of due to ankle surgery. With the limited movement he has been able to do he has put a few kilos on.

  7. Ahhh, those cousins are gonna be best buds. :)

  8. I do love that jersey on Dante. It's lovely to see Keera and Dante together. They're so cute. I bet I can guess what Stews been doing tonight haha.

  9. Lovely pictures of Keera and Dante together, Hope you managed to get some sewing done OH and probably like Stew I yelled and jumped and yelled at the rugby!!!! phew was a heart stopper!

  10. They're getting so big! Amazing how fast little ones grow isn't it? Precious babes.


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