Tuesday, August 06, 2013


As I mentioned last night, today I have some of our neighbours coming over for morning tea... a young Asian couple who have a 10 week old baby girl.

I'm not sure what their names are, they did introduce themselves a couple of years ago, but since then we have not spoken!

They seem to never be home, or they just like keeping their curtains closed all the time!

Anyway, I'm hoping they are comfortable coming over... and I'm hoping they bring their baby!  Nothing like a teeny tiny baby to cluck over!   Dante will understand... lol!

I quickly made a cot blanket for them too:

ABOVE:  Three layers, top, batting in middle, and plain pink polar fleece on the back.  I've stitched around each coloured butterfly, and added a daisy to each as well.  I think for a  very quick job it came out nicely.

After lunch, I'm  on duty at the Hospice Shop.  Wonder what treasure I shall find today?
Hopefully none.  I've got too much 'treasure' from Hospice!

And today is weigh in day.  *sigh*  I will do that when I get back from Hospice.

Not that keen to know the numbers today.


TEAPOT.  I stressed out half the night because I didn't know where my teapots were!
First thing I see when I go into the kitchen?  A Teapot on top of the kitchen cupboards!
DOH!   Down it came, scrubbed all the dust off it, and BOOM! 
Ready for morning tea now.  *smiles*

I also popped down to the local bakery and got some muffins and club sandwiches. 
Club sandwiches that were obviously left over from YESTERDAY.  So never going to our local bakery again.

Well... in the end Lucy came over with her wee baby on her own.
Her mother flew back to China last night after being here for 3 months... and Aaron her husband was at work.

We had a lovely visit!  Baby Menina is GORGEOUS!
She gave us lots of smiles, and even talked to us too.  
She is not used to English being spoken to her, so she was very attentive... then she would drop her bottom lip and think about crying.
So... I just told her not to, and walked her around and she was just fine.

Lucy was the typical hovering first-time Mum... and like me... was taking photos and little videos non-stop!  It was so cute.

How about a photo now?
Yeah, I think that's a nice idea.  (Parental permission given):

ABOVE:  Lucy and her wee girl Menina.

 ABOVE:  getting a photo with her gift.  Apparently my gift was baby's FIRST gift!  I'm a bit sad about that.

ABOVE:  there, a smile!  She is just adorable.  So cute and delicate... a real little girl.

I hope we can have them over more often.  

Lunchtime, and we have a fair amount of food left over from morning tea... so I don't have to make anything.

In an hour or so I shall be off to Hospice...

I ended up coming home from Hospice an hour early.  I was feeling like crap... hot flush after hot flush... and a nasty headache as a consequence.
I did get some 'treasure'... but will have to show you tomorrow.

WEIGH IN:  last 30 days = 1.2 gain.  Sucks.  My own fault.  Doesn't help my mood... but I will do better the next 30 I hope.
Some self doubt is creeping in.. and depression.
It's just not that easy for ME to keep up the motivation.  WHY is it so hard now?

End of Day:  wish I could say it was a really lovely day.  The morning was for sure.  Not so much this afternoon/evening.  Feeling down.
nite nite


  1. Too much treasure is a good problem to have!

    21 gypeuct

  2. You are so thoughtful Chris. I have Asian neighbours too who never pull the drapes or open the windows? I hardly see them. Weird.

  3. Oh so sweet! How kind of you... I'm sure she really appreciated it.

    Handmade things are so precious.

    Christy x

  4. That was so nice of you to make the beautiful gift for them....I'm sure they will treasure it. I hope you have a chance to get to know them better.

  5. It would be nice and your neigbour & Bex could take their babies for walks together. It will be hard for your neighbour with her mother so far away.

  6. Oh what a cutie Menina is such a darling smile.... That blanket you WHIPPED up is darling! clever you. perhaps you should leave you purse at home and only take your DRIVERS licence with you problem fixed no spend money!

  7. She is a little cutie. That is sad that your gift was her first gift. Doesn't seem right.

    She will miss her mother.

    You might end up sharing more morning teas together.

  8. You would have made her day so special Chris esp after her mum going home last night. Like you I thought how sad she had not received any gifts but what a gorgeous first one. hope you have more morning teas.

  9. Oh what a cutie Menina is! And Lucy will be missing her mum so much now that she has gone back home. Can't believe that the blanket was her 1st gift!! Hope this is the beginning of a friendship between neighbours esp with Bexs at home with Dante too!
    Love the blanket that you just whipped up... you are so talented (but I have told you that many a time).

  10. What a nice neighbor you are. Keep strong you can do it Chris.

  11. I love the blanket, very cute! I'm glad Lucy and Menina were able to visit. So sweet and the pictures are great!

  12. So sweet! Love babies!

    So you had sandwiches and then you had hot flushes. Maybe what they say about carbs and hot flashes is true? It's like your body is heating up trying to burn them off?

  13. Look at the difference your Onward for Life has made so far. It's O:K that you slipped this month. You have many months now with positive results AND you can wear your purple boots!!!!!! Hugs...

  14. Oi you! That LITTLE weight gain is just a hiccup. You're lost so much,don't be hard on yourself Chris. You're human, not a robot and you can't live life like one. Today is the start of a New month. Remember where you used to be when you started and the benefits you've gained from losing weight. Get those purple boots on and go girl!

  15. Sorry to hear about the gain Chris! Just keep thinking positively and how great you are feeling being those 10(?) kgs lighter and those awesome purple boots that you can wear!!! Think of all the great stuff and you will keep on going down on those scales! You can do it Chris! I know you can!!!

  16. How generous and warm hearted of you making the blanket for your neighbour. Both mum and bub look really happy in the photos and reaching out is so good for the soul. Another gorgeous baby to cluck over, lovely. Its probably very nice for your neighbour to now know is she ever have any concerns she has a friend to reach out to.


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