Friday, August 30, 2013


Last night Steve came home with a gift for Bex:

ABOVE:  She got some utterly gorgeous flowers, for NO reason other than Steve loves her.  Awwww.

And funnily enough, Stew came home with a gift for ME too!

Only, my gift was something totally different:

ABOVE:  that's right.  I got a clock!   I'm sure I've told him I liked his work clock a few times while I've been visiting him at work.

So, he was doing some work involving downsizing their offices and he found this one... and gave it to me.  

It's neat.  I get the time, the humidity and the temperature all at a glance.  
Not bad eh?

It makes me smile, Stew knows me so well... he knew I would love the clock. *smiles*
And Bex loves her flowers too.  
Both our guys are just lovely eh?

Now, for today we have?
*shrugging me shoulders*... not sure.  Bex wants to go to Spotlight I think?
Other than that ... I might do some blog reading, it's been a while since I did that!
How ya all doing?


So... I've not got much reading done ... I got sidetracked.  But I'm back at it now.

Then I'm going to crack on with making Christmas gifts!
I'm hoping to keep this Christmas's 'budget' down to about $100 for everyone, except Brylee and Griffin.  It can be done...

FROGGY you are so funny... and right.  (Pepsi comment)

I'm freezing!  So much so I've had to change clothes, put on thick socks AND wrap me electric cuddly blanket around me!  

Well... it's early afternoon, I took a couple of hours 'off' to catch up with some taped programmes and have lunch, then Dante needed his photo taken cos he was looking so bloody cute in me blankie!...

ABOVE:  SEE?  He's just gorgeous.  I can say that cos I'm his Grandma.

Now... time to get a couple more hours of blog reading done...

TRACY:  totally spot on in both respects (PEPSI)

Well... I wanted to do more blog reading this afternoon... but I'm getting a headache from looking at the computer screen for so long!
Time to stop.
I apologise if I didn't visit your blog. 

Just watched Coronation Street... and I nearly cried when Schmeichel had to be put down.  TV eh?  You get sucked into the storylines and you forget it's all fake!  Oh well... I have been watching Coronation Street since I was 4 years old!  We got our first TV when I was 4 and the very first programme I saw was Coronation Street, followed by the 6 o'clock News... then the TV Station closed for the night and didn't come on again until the next day!

Shit that was 50 years ago and I can still picture our lounge, and the TV and everything!  I loved Ena Sharples ... she was one spunky lady! lol

End of Day:  time to bugger off ... and get to bed early for a change.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Both gifts are nice and thoughtful!

    Hey, how do you put your blog address on your pictures? I'd love to know and the site to do it~ :) Thanks~ ♥

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Nawwww good work Steve n Stew!!!!!!

  3. that is very sweet of the men in your household!!

  4. Hi Chris.

    I left a reply to you r comment on my blog. It is darned hard to stay warm today.

    Hope you do something with those rings. How precious to have the.


  5. I like that clock, humidity temp thing its very modern, but classic at the same time. Such a nice bunch of flowers what a lovely son you have. Dante is so cute little monkey.

    We are freezing down here too, very freezing.

  6. Steve has learned from Stew to pay attention to the woman you love and let her know you love her.

  7. Dante? Gorgeous! And impromptu gifts are the best!

  8. Such a pretty baby! Thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments <3


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