Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'm making this quick this morning... Mum and Ron will be up shortly and I don't want to be 'caught' on me computer.
It is frowned upon.

So.. Yesterday's treasure:

 ABOVE: clothes and cookbooks...

 ABOVE: three amazing 'doilies' in the shape of fish, and ORANGE!  They are for Bex... cos she likes orange.

ABOVE:  I got Keera this GORGEOUS purple cape and hat dress up set.  She looks stunning in it.  PEPSI READERS... facial photos on Private Blog.

 ABOVE:  a lovely photo of Mum and Ron.

ABOVE:  Keera's new POP playing with her on the floor.  Awwww.

Now, as I said, this is going to be quick, and I doubt I will get back on here until late afternoon today.
We are entertaining two of my Mum's sisters and their husbands for lunch.  
So... busy.

THERE WAS A WINNER FROM YESTERDAY: The first person to guess correctly was DEE! Congrats well guessed.   I did 5 minutes on the crosstrainer, 10 on the exercycle, 15 on the treadmill, and about 10 minutes doing weights and core exercises.
It's a start.

DEE... I will post some mug rug photos tomorrow so you can choose which one you would like.


ABOVE:  lunch with the OLDIES.
It's going well.. they are chatting away 90 to the dozen.

It was a really LOVELY day with the 'olds'!  They enjoyed themselves and our lunch was just so yum.
I made club sandwiches and my Uncle Rainey (2nd on right) cooked date scones (my favourite) and savory muffins.  So nice.

ABOVE:  My Mum took this lovely photo of the two kids.  It's hard to get a nice one of Griffin cos he always acts the fool.  

ABOVE:  Lacy does too!
But, this is a nice photo of her anyway.

ABOVE: Of course, I couldn't end the day without a photo or 3 or our little man!   He was a good boy today.

End of Day:  early because I have to get up at 3am to take Mum and Ron out to the airport!
Yeee gads.  
nite nite


  1. ohhhhhhh I love that purple colour dress up cape how gorgeous, exercise now why didn't I think of that!! Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. You look stunning!

  3. That's a lovely photo!! Your Mum is looking great too.

  4. Lacy nd Keera5:35 PM

    Was Such an Awesome Day..Absolutely Loved The Lunch with all The Oldies LOL.

    Granny and Pop, Was So Awesome To see You Both, Keera Really Loved Meeting Her Great Granny and Pop..
    I Do Hope You Both Had A Lovely Time In New Zealand..
    And Have A Safe and Comfortable Trip Back.
    Love You Both So Dearly.

    Love Lacy nd Keera XoXo

  5. Love the last photo.... you look fabulous and so does your Mum :)
    Hope you have had a lovely day - sounds like the lunch is going really well.

  6. Looks great! BTW purple is def. Miss Keera's colour.

  7. Very nice photo of the "oldies" - one to treasure I'm sure. The photos of Keera are so cute too - she's growing up to be a happy wee girl! (Pepsi)

    And you look super duper in the photo too - keep up the great work!! Love your hair up like that!


  8. WOW I actually managed to be the first one to guess correctly, thats a first !

    I always have a mental image of you running to to loo with your lap top shoved up your jumper so that you can update you blog when your mum is visiting

  9. Looks like you had yourself one very very busy day. Great photos of everyone.

  10. Great pictures. Trevor is always making faces too! I'm always yelling at him to let me get one good picture.


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