Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Well... here is the block I made last night, it is one of my most favourite blocks:

ABOVE:  it is one of those blocks that looks really amazing, yet isn't that hard to do.  It's called 'Card Trick'. 

Today Bex, Dante and I will be going out to the mall... I have a job to do at the Post Office (Hi Felicity!)... and I need to get some cash.... cos...

Tonight Mac is visiting Coco!  Let's hope she is just as 'ready' as he always is to make babies!

OMG... The 'countdown' will start tomorrow (Wednesday)... and in 58-59 days time we will have puppies.

Can't wait. 

What else is on today?  Oh yes... I've got Hospice Shop duty this afternoon, which means another opportunity to find treasure!

☻♥☺♥  we all know how much I love finding treasure...


I just took this little video to show you what Teddy has to put up with right now:

ABOVE: Teddy's in the pen with her cos she cries if he's not with her, and he begs to be put back with her too.
But he's not happy with her behaviour, nope, NOT AT ALL!
Hurry up Mac, she's so ready!

Well... we did our out and about, I sorted out postage for a friend, Bex prices getting her hair dyed at two of those 'No appointment necessary' hair salons.
Price to dye her hair all over, bearing in mind she has very fine, shortish hair?

$120 in one place, and the other... $260!
What a rip-off!
She is now going to wait until our favourite hairdresser is back from Iraqu.  Same with me.

Next:  we went into Farmers, and they had all these mini 'Red Carpets' dotted around the shop.   I couldn't resist:

ABOVE:  me on the RED CARPET... I don't look that stunning... But I feel way better looking like this, compared to this:

SERIOUSLY, what the hell was she thinking???
The chicken bum looks so much nicer than her's!  Miley has totally LOST THE PLOT!

That 'outfit' is positively OBSCENE.

BELLA:  those numbers reflect how many times in a day my blog is looked at.  If you went by URL... I average around 650 a day.

Hi... home from Hospice.  A good afternoon... spent selling stuff, buying stuff and listening to some random man go on and on and on about his life, his marriage breakdown, how he was a writer, how he was a 'Romeo' of the world  ... and after listening to his ramblings for about 20 minutes, I got Deb to come out so I could 'escape'... so she had to stand there for another 40 minutes listening to him!

I got a few dirty looks from her!  Ha ha... seriously though, he was WEIRD and creeped me out.

I got some treasure... two lovely long sleeved cotton tops for Griffin, a cute wee summer shirt with sparkly buttons for Brylee, a toy giraffe for Bex (she likes giraffes), and these:

 ABOVE:  this utterly gorgeous little painting.  I just love it... no idea YET where I shall put it, but never mind.  I will find a place.

ABOVE:  I really struggled over this platter... should I?  Shouldn't I?  But come on!  It's a hydrangea platter!  I love hydrangeas.  So I got it.... to add to my ummm.... collection of platters!

ABOVE: it was easy to get these cute dishes.... they are purple-ish... and Lacy loves purple.  I will give them to her tomorrow.

Dinner is smelling yum, Bex is making us Spaghetti Bolognese.(sp?) 

MAC has been, and done his 'job' with Coco... so all going well we will have puppies around 24-25th of October!  Coco was a total tease with Mac tonight too... she flitted around and went all HYPER on us, but after about 5 minutes or so Mac got her locked down and proceeded to make babies.

It's always nice to see Mac's owners too... we always have a good chat while the dogs are doing their business.

End of Day:  it's been a busy day, but productive!
Time to relax for a while.
nite nite


  1. The Card Trick looks really cool! Took me a second to tell what it was.

    Oh JOY! More puppy pics coming! (rolls eyes)

  2. Are the page views per URL or every time I click onto your page? I check your site out 3 or 4 times a day to get your updates.

  3. How exciting! More puppies! Fingers crossed that it all works well and the job gets done. Have a great day! xxx

  4. I like the new block and love the colours, why were farmers having red carpet day? I go to a trainee hairdresser at the moment she is very good works from home and a cut $15 colour $45 no matter what length your hair! Will be sad when she is fully trained cause it wont be that cheap anymore! Miley is so gross and I sure as hell think she has way lost the plot.

  5. You're looking great Chris!

  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Coco - little hussy!

    I dye my own hair - costs me about $11!

    I feel sorry for Miley - I reckon she's just trying waaaaaaaay too hard to ditch the disney image and become her own person. She may have over compensated for that though! What's with the tongue hanging out all the time?


  7. Oh Oh Oh....PURPLE....gime gime gime.....oh love ya mum XoXoXo

  8. Yay, puppies. I love seeing the pictures of them.

    Whoever Miley has managing her needs to be fired immediately, acting like a cheap drunk hooker does not help you shed your good girl disney image, it just makes you look like a pathetic try hard no talent skank.

    Hope you enjoyed the spag. Bog. for dinner.

  9. Teddy is like "nooo I don't like that" and she's all "COME ON!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!" haha


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