Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today, off to the mall for some minor retail therapy.
I want to price a Breadmaker.  I got our old one out of storage and had a go at making a loaf of bread a few days ago.  Didn't work.
So, I'll have a look around at what's available now.

Anyone got one they can recommend?

I took a few photos at Lacy's yesterday which I'll show you:

 ABOVE:  I spent my time hanging pictures... 

 ABOVE:  it makes such a difference with pictures up.  Already looking like a home instead of just a house.  I really enjoy doing that sort of stuff to a house.
My own home is full of colour... I love it.

ABOVE:  Lacy's room now.  Cosy.

ABOVE:  my lounge is looking very cluttered right now!  The dogs are in the pen ... it's to keep Coco off the carpet and furniture/beds etc while she's in season.  At least they are still 'with' us in the room.  Teddy is in with her because she cries otherwise.

ABOVE:  Brylee twisted her ankle the other night... Stew carried her up the stairs... and I grabbed me camera!  She cried "Must you Mum!?" when I took the photo!  Silly girl, OF COURSE I MUST!
I find blog fodder whenever I can... it's WHAT I DO.  

*smiles*... I'm off now... got to make the lunches and all the other crap needing doing...


Wow!  I've not been back in front of me computer all day... that doesn't happen too often I must say.

Now... what have I been doing?

- We went down to Manurewa to get baby formula, and popped into the local Hospice Shop (not the one I work at)... and bought a couple of things.

- Then we stopped into the Hospice Shop just down by our kid's school... and bought a couple of things.

- THEN I went to work, at the Manukau Hospice Shop!
And I bought a couple of things there too!

So, 3 Hospice shops in one day... not bad!

Here's what I got:

 ABOVE:  a gorgeous glass container and a little enamel and silver box.

 ABOVE:  Brand new knitted jumpers for various grandkids, trousers for Rena, a little dress for Keera and a shopping bag for me.  I need one obviously!

 ABOVE: two trays (lg & sm), a baby toy and two sweet water/boat scene pictures.

 ABOVE:  I have NO idea where I shall put them, but they were only $4 so I just thought, Why Not?

ABOVE: On my way home I stopped at Farmers and as their sale was still on I got two more large trays and three more of the little trays... they are so handy for your sandwich or crackers.

I think today has satisfied my retail therapy itch!

LOL.... tomorrow I will have to curb my impulse buying for sure!

End of Day:  tired today... and I have aching shoulders and upper arms... no idea why?
Oh well... I'm sure I will survive.
nite nite


  1. I love my bread maker and only 4 hours to make a loaf so much quicker than my old one :)

  2. One handed just carries her up!

    My mom is like that she always likes to make everything more homey for every one :)

  3. There is nothing nicer than homemade bread smell my Aunty sets hers to cook over night and they wake up to fresh bread. Dante seems intrigued as to why the dogs are in that pen thing!! lol

  4. Poor Brylee! I hope she's better!

    Lacy's new place looks super, super nice. She's one lucky person.

  5. You are so good at finding bargains.

  6. Judy Medina11:23 PM

    Lacy's place looks really nice. How much is she paying for her place, per month? The reason why I am asking is that I would like to apply for NZ housing, but not sure how to go about it. Is the housing free or do you pay something towards it? I am also a mother of two and have no idea about this. Can i apply for a three bedroom, as well?

    1. You should ring Housing NZ and ask for an appointment to discuss your needs. You will be put on a waiting list... your circumstances need to be very dire/urgent to get a house. You can talk to housing about how many bedrooms you want/need.
      Yes, Lacy does pay to live in a Housing NZ house, but it isn't 'normal' rental, it is less.

  7. You buy a lot of neat stuff.
    Lacys place looks nice!

    emsntns 7


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