Sunday, June 30, 2013


After my late afternoon shower yesterday, I sat down at my desk in me pj's and a blue towel wrapped around my wet hair.

Bex handed me Dante.  This is what happened:

 ABOVE:  he took one look at me, then the bottom lip went out then he screamed!

 ABOVE: apparently I look NOTHING like myself with a towel on me head... and omg... NO MAKEUP either!  *Shudder*

He didn't like me in red either, because once my hair was back to 'normal' he kept looking at me red top with some consternation.

ABOVE:  success at last! He is drinking formula out of a sippy cup that has a teat on the top.  He alternately sucks and chews it, but the main thing is, he drinks the formula.

Big relief, cos it means they can leave him with us for longer if necessary.

Today's plans?  Steve and Bex have their own plans for the day so it's just me, Stew and the two kids for the day.
I think a walk might be nice... maybe take the dogs to the gardens down the road.  Might wait and see what the weather is like a bit later on.


As you can see, I've not been back on me blog all day!  The walk?  Well... the weather has been very undecided, so we kind of made a decision by default... and stayed home.
It's just so quiet today, here in blog world and in the house.
We don't expect Steve and Bex back till dinnertime, I miss our little man.

Those in the know are aware a quiet day is probably what Stew and I needed, after the shit hitting the fan at the end of the week!

At least my mind is no longer spinning.  I'm looking forward to some clear thinking and some peace of mind.

I'm a woman right? So I can change me mind eh?  We went for a walk.
In the Botanic Gardens... with the dogs.

ABOVE:  lovely walk in the late afternoon.  Bit chilly in the shade, but warm as in the sun.

Steve and Bex are home, so back to normal in the house. 

MRS C:  Huh?  Where's this woman with a scary face???   lol  

OMG I'm cold today.  I have this really weird thing  that happens when I'm cold.
My left arm stays warm and my right arm goes stone cold!  It's the weirdest thing ever .... and when I get blood taken from my right arm it goes WHITE and stone cold!  Now that is scary!

I know, I'm not normal.  

End of Day:  a few knee-jerk moments tonight.  I will rectify what I did tomorrow.  So pissed off right now.  Nothing I do is right it would seem.  I don't need this shit ... bowing out of anything and everything to do with 'a certain issue'.  STUFF IT ALL.  
nite nite... said in a REALLY crabby 'voice'.


  1. Yay! So pleased that Dante is taking formula at last!
    Hope you all have a great day just chilling out and relaxing!

  2. Yeah who wouldn't scream at that sight early in morning eh? Lol hehehe (thinks I'm so glad I'm way way over here right now and I know Toni will protect me heheh )

    Hope you have a good walk and Chris? Any eye candy photos while your out and about for poor little old housebound bed bound me?

    Anne (lol)

  3. He thinks you're Marge Simpson.

    reafon summisu

  4. Awww!! Poor Dante, living with that scary woman. :)

  5. Wow I am going to have to visit those gardens in the holidays! They look groovy. Never been....


  6. Awww Dante it truly is grandma really, HE was probably like OMG the towel ate your hair!!!! The walk looked nice the plants and vegetation lush and green1 another cold start here but ok day.

  7. Glad you, Stew and B&G got out for the walk.... it's what you guys needed - a relaxing Sunday afternoon! Enjoy your evening and I do hope you have a good week ahead

  8. Good day for a walk. I think a relaxing day is just what you needed.

  9. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Its all about and because of me, Lacy .....

  10. The gardens are so pretty!


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