Friday, June 14, 2013


It feels kinda nice that I have introduced Bex to the fabulous world of sewing... and FABRIC.

She's now as addicted as me!  She DROOLS over fabric too.  ha ha ha!

So, the fabric shop in Papakura has this big box full of fabric scraps, perfect for applique sewing... and Bex wants to go back there today and see what else she can find.

So... that's what we will do.

I will show you what I got done last night:

ABOVE:  I machine stitched the binding on these two mug rugs, so now all I have to do is hand stitch it on the back.  I love these two mug rugs.  It's probably cos they are so bright and well... CUTE!

Talking of cute... how about this young man, who thinks he's the bees knees in the highchair: 

ABOVE: you couldn't ask for a happier baby.  He is like a ray of sunshine in our lives.  As all our grandbabies are of course.

We are having Miss Muppet on Saturday night, so Lacy can have the night off.  We don't mind having her at all, she's such a little darling for us.   I just wish she slept through the night!

Oh well... it will happen eventually eh?

And now... it's time to make the lunches... and all the usual stuff mum's do in the mornings...

So... Bex and I 'did' the Papakura shops.
It didn't take long, and we won't be doing it again.
Honestly, there must have been 12-15 of those cheap $$ type stores there!  And they all sold the same cheap Asian, mass produced stuff.

I did find one good thing, which was in a shop that was closing down, and we did get some more fabric from Fabricland:

ABOVE:  Bex got 20 more pieces of fabric, and I got the wall hanging (which I love) and 5 more fat quarters.

What else?  Oh yes, we stopped in the Takanini Hospice Shop, and found these:

 ABOVE: Bex got the top on the left, and I got Griffin the blue check one.

ABOVE:  I also got this top, which is a size 14... maybe, just MAYBE it will fit me by summer???

I will try my hardest to fit it.

Now we are home and it's lunch time... off to make some cheese and crackers I think.  

Tonight's dinner will be:

And we shall have meatloaf sandwiches over the weekend, and give some to Lacy and Keera too.
I have never seen the point in just making one... it's a messy job so why not do heaps in one go? 

End of Day:  the meatloaf was lovely, and I've got enough left over to feed us all again twice over.  I spent most of the evening sewing... while them upstairs watched a movie called 'Hansel and Gretel'... but is wasn't my type of movie so I passed on it.
Time to hit the sack now, and hopefully get a sleep in even.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    She does sleep throu the night....well for me she does :P thanks again Ma and Pa you guys rock xoxo

  2. Isn't he the little cutie pie sitting up there.

  3. I can't get over how much Dante looks like Stew! ... he's growing so fast! Cutie wee boy!

  4. Loads of fabric bargins there, Dante is sooooooo squeezable cute its insane, I love meatloaf its me favourite hot with mash poataoe cold with tom sauce in a sandwich!! yumm

  5. Chris, shame we missed you. My sister and I have just 'done' the Papakura shops as well and said the same-don't need to do that again. Had a great chat to the lady in Fabricland.
    Am up here and have just bought a house in Waiuku so moving up in a month

  6. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Yea Ya Doggy Bag Me Some Of That Good Grub Thanks Ma :)

  7. He is adorable. That's a heck of alot of meatloaf. I do the same things when it comes to things like that. Give me a break later on down the line. Have yourself a good weekend.


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