Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Well... I have some photos I took yesterday first up:

 ABOVE:  The girls with their babes... Bex and Lacy get on so well... it's nice to see.

ABOVE: Keera would love to get on better with Dante... but he just doesn't appreciate her company!
Funny that. She wants to scrag him.

ABOVE:  I'm pretty sure she wasn't trying to KISS HIM... she's into ummm... biting right now.    Or ... she will just suck ya face off!  lol

Best to keep an eye on her around her cousin.

Dante just  LOVES♥  his bath... he lies there and coo's...

ABOVE: Bex didn't INTEND to give him a Bubble Bath, but she put just a little too much Lavender Bedtime Bath stuff in his water.  Oh well... he loved it.

TODAY:  off to Manukau so Bex can keep her Doctor's appointment, and I shall babysit Dante.  Hard work that is!  We 'shop' while she's away.

After that, I will have lunch and go to the Hospice Shop for me stint there.


Had a good morning... while Bex was at the Doctors, Dante and I power walked around the mall for almost an hour.  Why waste good 'exercise' time was my thought.  Wish I'd thought to be wearing me sneakers though.
Oh well... next time I will.

I picked up my automatic needle threader too... I bought one about 7 months ago and it didn't work, so returned it a few weeks ago and now... I've got a new one.
Which is very timely as I will have bindings to stitch on by hand tonight.

The four coasters (mug rugs) I'm making are looking bloody gorgeous!  I will find it rather hard giving them away.  *sniff*
Maybe... I will keep them!  lol

It's now lunchtime, so before I head out again to the Hospice Shop... I might just have something to eat.

I decided to wear me sneakers to work.  So.. I slip me feet into me sneakers... and they are LOOSE as.  So I had to pull the laces really tightly to make me sneakers stay on my feet!
My feet have shrunk! 
AWESOME... always thought me feet were fat buggers!  
Off to Hospice now... with comfy, warm feet.  It's a wet, windy and cold day.

I think today is the second time EVER I have not bought any 'treasure' from the Hospice shop!  I feel like I'm slipping up!
It was very quiet in the shop this afternoon...  sometimes we had NO ONE in the shop at all.
And it was cold.  

AND I left my Diet Coke at home by accident ... so I had to drink WATER!  Ikkkk... wash my mouth out with Diet Coke!.. which I did the moment I got home.

End of Day:  well another good day as far as I'm concerned.  Dinner was cooked by Bex, so that's 4 days in a row I haven't had to cook!
I got the 4 coasters (mug rugs) finished tonight, will show you tomorrow.


  1. OMG! Dante is sooooooo adorable! All your grand babies are beautiful Chris:)

  2. OMG! Dante is sooooooo adorable! All your grand babies are beautiful Chris:)

  3. Hi Chris, Sorry I've been away so long but I just caught up and all I can say is your house is BABY HEAVEN!!! OMG-- the little ones are growing like crazy and so darn cute that I don't know how you can tear yourself away from them to sew! Seriously-- I'd get nothing done if it were me.
    Kisses all around to those cuties!
    xo jj

  4. Love Love Love the photos today! Dante and Keera are going to be such great friends/cousins as they grow up together! And it's great that Bex and Lacey get on so well together as well!
    I have very similar photos of Rachel in the bath at a similar age!
    hope your afternoon at the hospice shop has gone well.... wonder what treaures you have found today :)

  5. Gorgeous photos as usual... those bath ones would look good as a sequence.. he's such a cutie!


  6. Dante is soooooooooo gorgeous it has been wet cold and miserable today here.

  7. Love love love the pics of Dante in the bath - too cute.

  8. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Sounds like a really good day! ♥♥♥

  9. Always something fun going on at your place. What cute little babies.

  10. Loving your pictures, especially the bathtime ones. I'm so surprised he didn't freak out, laying into the water like that. My kids hated getting water near their heads when they were babies.

  11. Oh my gosh, those pictures of Dante in the bath were adorable!!


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