Wednesday, June 05, 2013


I have really enjoyed making this little set of 4 mug rugs, they didn't take very long once I could actually sit down and sew.

 ABOVE:  ready for stitching....

ABOVE:  all stitched, titivated and finished.  So cute.  It's going to be hard giving them away!
My favourite is the blue bird, followed by the orange one.  I had fun using a multi-coloured thread on them... and I love the flowers too.

ABOVE:  it wouldn't be my blog without a photo of a grandbaby eh?  Dante is teething on that toy... he loves it.

I think I shall be starting another little project... it's to be a gift for a dear friend overseas.  So... it's HUSH HUSH until she gets 'it'.  Which will be a while cos I have to make it first!


Lacy and Keera arrived for the day.
I was down in the garage making a pattern... when I hear Lacy yell out to me:  "How much do you love me?"
My response: "What have you done!"

ABOVE:  she spilt an entire cup of milo on the carpet!  She tried to cover it up.. didn't work.

ABOVE:  Teddy trying to lick milo off the carpet.  

BELLA: Milo is like hot chocolate, but it has a slightly different taste.  Same thing really.

Lacy is worried Stew is going to be mad at her... but the carpet needed to be cleaned anyway, so we will just have to do it now!

I'm trying to get some sewing done this afternoon, but so far the girls have dragged me out of the house for a walk, then I had lunch... and now Brylee and Griffin just arrived home.

Before I know it I will have to get dinner started.

Keera just got her first haircut.  By me.  Will show you tomorrow.

OH and... I just growled her for touching the Sky and DVD players under the telly.  She sure in hell didn't like that!

End of Day: an up and down sort of day... feeling a bit flat tonight. Might go to bed early.
nite nite


  1. Those mug rugs are cute as, seriously you and Bex could do craft stalls! Easter and xmas maybe again like you did, Dante Dante Dante he is utterly handsome and THAT hair delicious colour lucky boy.

  2. love those mug rugs ... they're so cute ... clever lady!!

  3. Your mug rugs are adorable.

  4. Ha ha! I saw the spot on Lacy's pants in that first pic and knew there was a spill!


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