Friday, June 28, 2013


OK ... if ya read PEPSI, you will know that is a crock of shit!

But, I am going to make today a good day.  

For a start, I'm going to definitely get some sewing done, and that makes me happy.

And I'm going to groom Teddy.  Lacy did Coco for me yesterday, which was great... Coco's a nightmare for me to try and groom.  She yelps and cries and wriggles non stop.  But for Lacy she's good.
Teddy is totally submissive towards me, so he's easy to groom.

The other thing I really want to do today is go for a big walk.  I actually miss not walking already!  I know Bex and I have only been for a few walks so far, but they were nice.
And it all helps melt the fat off me slightly smaller butt.  lol

ABOVE:  computer/typing lessons start young in this house!

HA HA! ... Nah, Dante loves trying to play with my keyboard, so I found an old one and gave it to him.  He loves it.

Right better go and start the day, make lunches, beds made, washing on...


Well what an eventful morning.  But everything is going to turn out OK.
A relationship that was looking VERY rocky between us and another person... (no one in our home) has been saved I think.

Live and Learn.  Certain person needs to do that this time.

Miss Muppet and I went for a lovely walk.  It's just lovely outside today.  Crisp but not miserable.  The sun has come out.  So it's lightened my day.

Bex was kept awake by Dante a fair bit overnight, so she's gone back to bed, to catch up while Dante's asleep.  Good thinking 99.

Keera is sound asleep in her pram, so I am just going to sit and reflect for a while.

So, Lacy has arrived for lunch, and to pick up Miss Keera.  Who is awake and into everything.
Her and Dante like each other... too much sometimes.  EYES.  MUST. NOT. POKE. EACH. OTHER'S. EYES!

And yes Keera, if you try and grab my earrings I will growl you... and you will cry... which makes Dante cry too.  Oh the joys.

Well, after a turbulent morning, I kinda crashed and did NOTHING for hours!  I've just roused myself enough to get off the lazyboy chair!
Dinner is going to be an 'easy' one tonight, sausages, baked beans and spagetti!

Master Chef I am not.

So, I sorted out some of my Movies into the new blue CD boxes I got from Hospice Shop.  And now I'm here, while Bex and Steve make dinner.
I had my 'dinner' at lunchtime, so I am not in the least hungry.

I might have some fruit later on in the evening.

End of Day:  glad it's over, that's all I can say.
Evening has been quiet, as long as ya don't count Dante's grizzling... he's got a nasty cold and is letting all of us know he doesn't like it.
nite nite


  1. Happy Friday! It's still Thursday here. :-(

    hakhys account

  2. Thinking of you today Chris and hope everything is ok *hugs*

  3. No matter what else you do today, go for that walk. It will do the both of you the world of good.

  4. Have a great Friday and good luck with getting walking !

  5. Glad to hear things hopefully worked out! Have a great weekend!

  6. Breathe.... relax.... and have a lovely day and weekend :)

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    That is cool that you enjoy walking so much! Keep it up! I wish I could find something I enjoy and make myself move more~

    Dante looks like he is into that computer key board! LOL Maybe he'll help you type your blog~ LOL ♥♥♥

  8. Dante looks like he is up for one of those piano keyboards that light up and make a tune.

  9. Dante sure knows that THAT thing is important that he is touching so focused too. We have had filtered sun after yesterdays 8 degree high 10 feels positively tropical!!!! Hope your weekend runs smoothly.

  10. Take care, hope you can find some time to relax and recoup over the weekend.

  11. thats the spirit! get that kid blogging!


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