Monday, June 17, 2013


ABOVE:  A personal message for you M*****.  

My blog is REAL.  Not sugar coated.  And it always will be real, honest and will contain the good, the bad and the downright ugly too.


Censorship?  I will censor what goes on here ... like NOTHING goes on Diet Coke Rocks that I don't want known.

Some things are for family only. 

There is stuff coming up that has the potential to change things here in a big way.  It is very exciting... IF it pans out.


I've done enough little mug rugs for now.

I'm getting bored.

So... on to a new project:

ABOVE:  I'm going to start this kit Stew bought me for Mother's Day.
It looks like fun.  It's a wall hanging which measures 25" X 25".
If it comes out cute, I will probably use it as a Christmas gift... and I might even make another one too.

First off today though, I am going down to Smith and Smith glass to get a new piece of glass for my lightbox... it got broken when we moved it into the Smartbox after the flood.

I use the lightbox for tracing patterns onto fabric and Vliesofix.   It's VERY handy to use, and I've missed using it.

So, once the kids are at school that's what I will do.

I am planning on doing a GIVEAWAY soon... some lucky? reader will WIN 2 Mug Rugs.  Only, I can't think how you get to win yet!  IDEAS???

KAREN (Just Watch Me!!):  I hope you are feeling better soon, and I can't believe you are reading my posts from way back at the beginning!  There are 2,457 posts, I wonder how many you will end up reading?   *smiles*


ABOVE:  My lightbox finally has a new pane of glass.  I had to travel over to Otahuhu to get the glass.  
Smith & Smith in Manukau only do 'vehicle' glass.  *sigh*
Oh well... hopefully I never break the glass again.

I have been rather naughty today.  I sat down at lunchtime to have lunch and watch something on the telly... and ... umm.... three hours later I got up!
Feck, I still have at least 3 loads of washing to get washed, let alone hung out.  
Dumm dee dooo.....

Dante just had his first dip in the spa.  He didn't splash, he didn't smile, he just looked perplexed.  At least he didn't scream!
I took a hundred photos at least (as I have with all visiting grandbabies)... so now have to go through them and find a couple of nice ones for tomorrow's blog.

It is very quiet on the blog today.  Me thinks you all just did PEPSI eh?  *smiles*    Doesn't matter, I know you all like me.  lol

The lightbox is used for tracing patterns onto paper or fabric.  I will show ya tomorrow.

End of Day:  signing off early as I want to get some stuff done in the sewing 'room'.
nite nite


  1. Our school had a light box for the sewing room they had perspex as it was safer and esier than the kids breaking it all the time!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh can't wait to see the beach babes.

  2. When I first found your blog I read all the way back to the start too.

  3. I'm a Diet Coke AND a Pepsi girl so I thought I should write and say howdy! What's the light box for?


  4. Lorraine H.6:05 PM

    It sounds very much as if a certain lady needed that sleep.Too bad the weather is against you for the

    Take care Chris.


  5. I think your mug rugs are gorgeous.

    Carol :)

  6. Nice to have a quiet day now and again.

  7. Very groovy submarine!

    Yep, your real life is why we read the blog. Pics of babies, puppies, and stuff going on at home. Come on now! We love you.


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