Tuesday, June 25, 2013


While Dante was up late last night I took the opportunity to take a few photos of him with his parents, but the kid just looks dozy!
He was so tired he couldn't keep his eyes open...

ABOVE:  See?  Really tired baby.  I must ask Bex if he slept all night after being up until 10.30 pm?

She's sleeping in... so is Steve, who has today off work.  He goes back to his 'old' job tomorrow for just 11 days, then he starts his new job.  Exciting!

Today?  I am picking Lacy up and taking her to Sylvia Park.  'Girl shopping'.  I think Steve and Bex plan on doing their own thing today, which is fine by me.

I am sure they will be home in time for the kids after school... while I go to the Hospice Shop.

And ya hoo... Bex cooks dinner tonight.

Oh... I meant to show you yesterday, I'm so happy with my sewing drawers now:

ABOVE:  all my fat quarters and slightly smaller scraps of fabric.  *DROOL*.
Bex is happy because I gave her a really big box full of fabric scraps too... so now she's got a  really good stock of scraps too.
It's called sharing the love.

Right, I better go and make the lunches.  No washing today, I'm right up to date... not something I can say very often!


So far, the day is going to plan.
I picked up Lacy and Keera and we went over to Sylvia Park so Lacy could buy a playpen for Keera.
Then we met up with Lynda for a natter, Lacy took some photos of us but I have to wait for her to email them to me before I can post one.

Then we met up with Steve and Bex for a brief time at Spotlight... and then came home in time for a bite of lunch ... then I will be off to the Hospice Shop.

Steve and Bex will be home in time for Griffin and Brylee.

Did I tell you about what I did yesterday?  

I was parked right next to Carl's Junior while at Mitre 10 in Takanini, and I said to myself "Oooo I can have that for my lunch".

But when I came out of Mitre 10, I talked myself OUT of having a burger and fries. 
I was so happy with myself.

THEN I went down to Manukau Mitre 10, and there was Subway, Sushi AND Dunkin Donuts staring me in the face!

OMG... life is full of temptations!

I talked myself INTO having some sushi, but again, when I came out of Mitre 10, I changed my mind.  And went home and had my dinner from the night before.

THAT is such progress for me.

Same today.  I've resisted all temptations.  *smiles*

Right.  I've been at Hospice Shop all afternoon, finally home and can post a few photos from today.
No treasure today, just a few clothing items.

 ABOVE: Lynda and I at the mall... Lacy took the photos... I was... ummm... giving her the finger cos she kept telling me to smile!
I don't smile for photos, I don't like how my eyes go all squinty when I smile!

  ABOVE:  Lynda's grandson 'C' and our Keera.  Master C was trying to suck Keera's dummy. 

 ABOVE:  How adorable is that?  Holding hands no less.  Awwwwww.

ABOVE: the reason for going to Sylvia Park.  The  Warehouse there had the playpen we wanted.  Now Lacy can go to the loo or cook dinner knowing Miss Keera is safe.

Dinner tonight sounds interesting.  Steve and Bex are cooking crepes with savoury fillings.  Sounds good to  me... I'm a bit hungry.

End of Day:  dinner was lovely!  Very thin crepes with sausage pieces and coleslaw, tomato ets.  Thanks S & B.
Time to get to bed... it's been a long day today.


  1. Bundled up in the Cold New Zealand winter!

    use pecoblk
    except edsourum

  2. Luvn the colour co-ordinated draws of fabric. Enjoy your girls day.

  3. Those drawers look great - I love the colour co-ordination - things like that get me every time !!!
    Have the best day - hope it isn't too cold there. It was 8° on my way to work this morning - just a little too chilly for me !!

  4. Dante is really gorgeous and MAYBE he needed extra cuddle time who could resist! boy you sure have a lot of fabric keep you going for a long time. Happy shopping everyone.

  5. I don't even sew and I'm drooling over your fabric. Makes me want to learn!
    Good on you resisting fast food. It's so very hard to do that when you're out and about shopping.

  6. I wonder if Dante could sense all the excitement about Steves job and didn't want to miss out.

  7. Nice to see you today.. and Lacy and Keera :)

  8. You can show the face :) It's OK. And you can see by my eyes what smiling does... makes them even more squinty! Yum crepes ....

  9. Love the fabric drawers! Love the photos of you and Lynda and Keera and C too! Well done on resisting those temptations! Keep up the fab work! Hope you enjoy the crepes!

  10. WTG on resisting the food temptations!

    Little ones are so cute!

  11. I rember Anthony play pen was a god send when he started moving around. Until little rat learnt to rock it till it toppled over and he'd escape lol


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