Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Well... today I would normally be going to the Hospice Shop after lunch.
But not today.

I've got a meeting I must attend instead.
It's something I cannot talk about in 'public'... cos it might stuff up the results of the meeting.  Let's just say it's rather important.

I'm sure at a later date I can reveal all.

So anyway, that's after lunch.
Before lunch I'm going to the mall with Bex and Dante for our 'usual' Tuesday morning browse around.
I will stop in at the Hospice Shop too, to let Deb,  the boss,  know I won't be in today.

I stayed up sewing after dinner last night, and got the stitching done on two more mug rugs:

ABOVE:  I did these two differently from the rest, in that I did most of the bird's outline in black cotton instead of matching colours.  
I'm trying to make up my mind which way is better.

ABOVE:  these ones I matched the cotton to the fabric.  
Which way do you think looks better?  I'm leaning towards staying with matching the colours, not black all around the bird.

Right, as per usual... it's time to make the lunches and get our two kids off to school...


Sooooo.... busy day!
Just home from the meeting, and feel a bit tired.
Lacy and Bex are off for a walk to the local Hospice Shop.  I am babysitting the two babies.

Right up me ally, I'm good at babysitting... for sure.

CATHY: I get the pictures off Google Images and Pinterest.

Darn drama this afternoon!  I was taking Lacy and Keera home this afternoon when we got a text from Bex.
The dogs had got out and had taken off up the road!
OMG... we did an about turn and raced back home to join in the search.
It was horrible thinking about what could happen to them... but thankfully Lacy caught up with them way, way down the road!
They had gone a long way, so we were very lucky to find them.

Once we had them home I put them in the laundry, gave both of them a screaming fit telling off... and a couple of whacks on the bum with a rolled up newspaper.  And there they shall stay for a while.

Teddy has never run off like that before, but Coco has.  I'm thinking Teddy just followed his sister.  Either way, they are both in the sin bin now.

End of Day:  I'm spending what's left of the evening sewing.  And pondering stuff that will probably keep me awake at night.  Like 'RATS'.
nite nite


  1. I don't see the difference. I like the orange one and the pink better than the blue and the grey

    eedsorpo lexicon
    onsjeo the

  2. I hope your meeting has positive results for you. I kind of like the black stitching, but then I don't have your artistic eye.

  3. It depends what you want to emphasise Chris. I like the black because it makes the colours pop. Maybe you could use black around the body and the other colours everywhere else. Hope today goes well for you.

  4. I like the ones with different colours better but they honestly, both look great! You are a clever dickie aren't ya?

    Good luck at your meeting.


    Oh and see you tomorrow night?

  5. Oh I do like the new mug rugs! They look fabulous! :)
    Hope the meeting goes well.

  6. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Those are the cutest birds! Seriously...where do you get those patterns? I love them!

    I hope your meeting turns out totally in your favor~! ♥♥♥

  7. I personally think that black all round looks better only if you use straight stitch. With blanket stitch, I think matching the thread to the fabric looks softer. (and nicer)

  8. Oh my those dogs are very lucky they aren't humans they wouldn't hSve got the newspaper treatment if they had been and taught right from wrong before they were hurt badly. It doesn't bare thinking what would have happened bad they not been found.

  9. Oh I like both stitching ways on the mug rugs, those naughty little dogs ohhhhhh I bet they knew they be getting the slap!

  10. Anonymous2:14 AM

    You hit the dogs and locked them up when they got home? The better treatment would have been to hug them and give them a treat, to teach them that home is a loving, safe place to be. Keep in mind that dogs are only able to think about what's happening to them at the moment, not what happened before that.

    I'd try to run again if I was locked up and hit with a newspaper.

  11. Hope you get things sorted out. Love the quilting and the cards. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Darn those dogs.


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