Saturday, June 29, 2013


I think all of us adults are tired today.

Stew has a cold, so isn't sleeping well.
He is snoring, so I'm not sleeping well.

Dante has a cold, so isn't sleeping well.
He's grizzly, so Bex and Steve are not sleeping well.

I think the only ones not that tired are B & G and the dogs.

So, maybe I will sleep in?  And Stew?
Fingers crossed we can anyway.

I'm going to forward post this... so I can at least try and sleep in.

Until later, here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE: because Dante is so very dribbly right now, Bex has been making bibs that are more absorbent, and have a soft plastic backing.  She's got about 10 ready to sew up.  This was the first one in the current run.

ABOVE: The two babies playing, and having a tug of war over toys. 

When they weren't trying to play with the same toy, they were trying to pok each other's eyes or sticking their fingers in each other's mouth!  NOT a good idea when they both have teeth and automatically BITE whatever is in their mouth!

Clearly we need to watch them carefully around each other.  

They make each other laugh too... which is delightful to see.

 *** Small addition ***

So, with that light and fluffy babble, I'm off.
Catch ya when I get outta bed!


Teddy just got bathed.  And semi groomed.  I am waiting until he's dry before trying to shave him.  Poor bugger.  I'm not a very good groomer.
But... I have a rather BIG bill coming up (fireplace repair) so have to save every cent I can over the next two weeks.  
My initial guess for the fireplace repair was not quite right.  Try DOUBLE what I expected.  Grrrr.

It had to be done ... I will console myself with that.  

Stew has the same cold as Dante I reckon.  They are both sneezing and snotty.
And of course, Stew snores.

ABOVE: Stew just blew his nose, and whoops!!!  BLOOD pouring out his nose.  I suppose I should be fussing over him, but I'm not that nice.
I just hope he didn't get blood on the carpet!  *smiles*
I do love him... really I do.

I just don't like men who have the 'man flu'.  

ABOVE:  Teddy ... looks like a little old man-dog!  So cute.  I will trim that hair off his eyes as soon as he's dry.

I smell like... DOG.  Just sayin...

ABOVE: Well... it has taken me a few hours, and I still have not done his legs, but Teddy is mostly groomed.
The clippers stopped working for a while, and it took ages to get them to work again.  Needed OIL... *sigh*

I will do his legs tomorrow.
I am done for the day, my back is killing me and I'm covered in dog hair!

ABOVE:  time for me to get out of these itchy clothes and have a shower, don't want to smell like Teddy any longer!

I am not grooming Coco.  She is a whole different kettle of fish!  She is a wriggler, so I am leaving her for the professionals!

End of Day:  well... it's been a funny sort of day today.  Stew isn't well... and ended up having a really big sleep in the afternoon, something he virtually NEVER does.
MAN FLU.  Knocks them down like ... well... boys.  lol
I better be careful, I might get it soon!  
Dante is miserable with his cold and cough too.
Taking ages to get him settled at night the last week or so.
Hope our 'men' are a bit better tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Brrrr cold start this morning... what a bugger everyone's getting sick! I've avoided it so far and want to stay that way.

    Have a super weekend.


  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Oh I hope all of you get to feeling better, rested and strong again soon! LOL...all wet dogs smell~ LOL My doggy needs a bath right now! ♥♥♥

  3. Oh no snot sneezes sniffles and scratchy dog hair what a day!!! -4 deg frost here and ice and snow capped ranges!!!

  4. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Night family, i do hope all are feeling better tomorrow after we all hope a good night sleep, #2 nK

  5. I hope everyone is feeling better in the morning.

  6. Hope you are all feeling better!!!

    Dogs look so cute!!!


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